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  1. I wouldn't feel very safe if my aerospace company spelled safety wrong CP,Sorry for being a grammar ....
  2. Banned for banning another player who was banned.
  3. I'd just like to say this is really useful in my RSS save, as resupply/crew transfer missions can take upwards of 20 - 30mins Cheers, CP
  4. It's great to see KSP on top, especially on such a massive site as steam. Funny to see it going for £30 though, considering I bought it for only £12.99! Cheers, CP I would definitely pay that £12.99 again, considering the 100+ hours I've spent playing this brilliant game.
  5. First thing I did in 1.0? Tried my hand at building an SSTO with the new aero model. Managed to get a small unmanned cargo space plane into orbit in 15 minutes from conception, to construction and finally to flight. Strangely, it's been much easier with the new aero. I could never make a reliable SSTO that worked with the old model. Cheers, CP
  6. I'm doing a engine-drop SSTO, but do I have to show proof the staged can land safely? Like this. Cheers, CP
  7. Hey whenever I use RVE the map view shows a night-side view thats fine, but the day-side of the planet is just pure white and glitching all over the place (Z-fighting I think but I could be wrong, it doesn't look much like it). I though I was running out of memory, but I've got a bit to spare... Any ideas? Cheers, CP
  8. I was wondering if someone has the skills to make a new RCS effect like the effects in NASA animations? or
  9. Hey Frizzank, Have you thought about doing the Thor-Able or Thor-Ablestar rockets? They are wary US rockets and were some of the worlds first space launch vehicles. Any thoughts?
  10. Oh I just saw this today! Didn't realise it was a necro. Sorry! Cheers, CP
  11. How about a few Real-Life engines? (With no tankbutt) They'd present a big challenge because of their intricate layouts. Here are some suggestions: AJ-10-118K Common Extensible Cryogenic Engine RS-27A Let me know what you think Cheers, CP
  12. Hi! I play RSS with a lot of mods, but I can't ever find some nice panels that look like I want them too. I tried to make them out of IR (infernal robotics) parts but they ended up too bulky. If someone could model two solar panels for me, and could import them into Blender then I would be great appreciative to no avail, and presumably so would the rest of the RSS community. These are the types of panels (x2): Carbon Observatory 2 TDRS D Just the addition of these solar panels would be a brilliant mod in itself IMO. Cheers, CP
  13. Well they could just loop a recording of it that has already been taken.
  14. I thought it'd be cool if for example, you went into the tracking station, picked a ship/craft/space station, and a little TV screen popped up showing the ship/craft/space station in real time. It'd be a nice little addition and would give it a feel of a proper tracking station, keeping tabs on its missions throughout the galaxy. Thanks, CP
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