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  1. Hi, i've started a career and accidentally turned on all the ground stations, when in fact I just want KSC. Is there anyone who knows which bit of the save file I edit to turn them off? Thanks, RBS.
  2. Can step 5 be bring lab home and recover vessel?
  3. So in the save file the occlusion modifiers were set to zero. Now changed and problem is fixed. Thanks.
  4. Can I find those settings in the save file to check that occlusion is on. No pilots are up at the minute.
  5. It's not just clipping- it's going through the core!
  6. Hi, Kerbin does not appear to be blocking comms - I can communicate with KSC even when on the far side. Is there a setting I have by mistake or is this sometimes allowed if the network is over powered? Thanks, RBS.
  7. I might have cracked it. I appear to have an extra 3 orders of magnitude on the powers of all my antennae!!
  8. Hi, i'm having some maths problems. Can anyone explain my error. I've ended up with relay stations with 32 HG-5 High Gains. (Based on maths, but i guess if this is wrong then that is too). Using the wiki I think the power of each relay is: (5*10^9)*32^0.75=6.73*10^10 As all relays are identical that gives a maximum link range of 6.73*10^10. Using the signal strength formula at a range of 2.20*10^10, i get a effeciency of: 1-((2.20*10^10)/(6.73*10^10))=0.67 0.67*0.67*(3-2*0.67)=0.75 (=75%) So, if I want a seperation of 2.20*10^10 in an equilaterl triangle arrangement I need an orbital radius of: (2.20*10^10)*(sqrt(3)/3))=1.27*10^10. I now have three such relays at a Kerbol Orbit of 1.27*10^10, yet not only are they not at 75% power, they are not linking at all. My initial hunch is that some of the measurements are from sun centre and some are from sun surface, but that only affects the third significant figure and smaller, reducing effeciency to 74%, not 0%. What is wrong with my maths (not just the aesthetic choice for the 32 antennae) Thanks in advance, RBS.
  9. Yeah, on a couple of different installs, all save games. Peversely it is fine when the engines are on.
  10. Hi, when in orbit, unless the engine is on, everything behind the HUD dissappears, sky box, planets and vessels all gone. I can still see the green glow when I hover over parts. Is this part of the new comms stuff, or is it a fault? The only med I have is MechJeb. Thanks in advance, RBS.
  11. 10^9 would be km cubes compared with m cubes. somewhere the units are inconsistent, always pays to double check.
  12. indeed am on mobile. have found "things I follow" but it doesn't appear to have any threads other than this one. Do I have to re follow everything I followed before the change?