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  1. very few exoplanets are found through direct imaging. producing a lightcurve doesn't necessarily require a lot of aperture
  2. Got my hands on a Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM lens in July. Lets in lots of light and is pretty sharp when stopped down to f/3. Have been a very busy bee since! Galaxies of Mirach The Serpent's Tail The Southern Crown: Cygnus: From Cepheus to Vulpecula Dark Nebulae in Cygnus & Cepheus: Any my crowning achievement for the Summer, an image worth printing; Farewell Fire: Excited for the Winter Skies now. Clear skies all!
  3. Whew it's been a while! I promise I'm not dead. Just been really busy. Not a lot of time to play KSP let alone get out and shoot That said I have been enjoying the return of the summer skies. Even ordered a new lens for Milky Way season, it hasn't arrived yet though. The Great Rift: The Great Rift is an area of dark bands stretching from the constellation Cygnus to the constellation Centaurus. They are thought to be clouds of interstellar dust in our galaxy's spiral arms. Two satellites can be seen crossing the sky in this mosaic. The fir
  4. Summer skies are finally coming back! \o/ Stayed up til dawn to get the Milky Way about 2 weeks ago. I forgot how dang bright the MW is. You do NOT need a lot of integration time to get a good image of it! The above is a stack of 2x60" exposures. Image Details
  5. Spoiled myself for my 21st birthday and bought a star tracker. My photos have improved immensely! Only problem is my wide lens has really bad coma. I have to do some heavy cropping to make these look good. I'm hoping purchasing a fast prime lens in the future will fix some of this. Also been playing with the PixInsight trial and holy crap it's powerful! The color calibration and ACDNR tools have allowed me to accomplish a lot more than Photoshop ever allowed. I'll definitely need to buy it when I have the cash! Orion & Friends: Image details: The Jewels
  6. Looks like the lobes are less spherical than we thought.
  7. This is excellent! For an object that's darker than asphalt in some places, I think you've done a good job representing what MU69 might look like to human eyes. Color looks very close to the dark patches on both Pluto and Charon. It'll be exciting to see if this expectation holds true as new data is down-linked and released to the public. Bi-lobed bodies appear to be very common in the solar system. Not just MU69 and Pluto's moons, but also several comets: 67P/C-G, 1P/Halley, 19P/Borelly, 103P/Hartley... etc. This paper suggests that these kinds of bodies actually form this
  8. This is a good point about the current color images of MU69. The "enhanced" images are false color images that include wavelengths the human eye can't detect. Assembled from Near-Infrared, Red and Blue filter images. (NIR data assigned to the red channel, Red data assigned to the green channel, Blue data assigned to the blue channel). I produced a graphic illustrating this a little while ago using New Horizon's MVIC data and images from Himawari 9's AHI. (All processing by me so any errors are my own) "Natural" Color* vs New Horizon's "Enhanced Color"
  9. Great shot! Thank you! Another, better shot of 46P/Wirtanen taken on 12-11. Was more prepared to shoot in the cold this time. Definitely getting closer and brighter now. Was able to spot it with averted vision on the night I shot this. Last night when I was watching the Geminids with my GF I was able to spot it clearly even with the Moon. Fingers and toes crossed for clear skies and good seeing on the 16th. Weather has taken quite a wintry turn as of late, this might end up being my best shot of comet Wirtanen. On the plus side, taking advantage of every clear
  10. Modded some space potatoes into the game. Tsyke, a big metal asteroid supposed to be an analogue to the IRL asteroid 16 Psyche. Ridge, a tiny moonlet in a placeholder orbit around Tsyke until I can figure out where to put it. Only 2.4 km across. Shaped like a ravioli. Trojar, a Jool Trojan asteroid. Haven't got the orbit right yet but it should work when I do. Especially with the Principia mod maybe. Jeb discovered that Trojar has a big hole in it like the Mohole. Perfect for throwing sacrifices to the Kraken in. S
  11. Hi, I'd like to have my name changed to LaydeeDem please. I'd very much appreciate it.
  12. Which one keeps both Relativity and Causality intact? Pick two: Relativity Causality FTL
  13. Link to the paper on a site that isn't blocked by a paywall: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1811.10621.pdf Interesting stuff.
  14. Lots of clouds and frigid temperatures lately, but I managed to catch a break with clear skies the last two nights. Managed to catch comet 46P/Wirtanen on its way towards perihelion on 12-4. According to CalSky it was at magnitude 6.1, just outside the visual range for most people's eyes. Thought I might have sighted it visually with averted vision, though I was likely seeing the nearby 5th-magnitude stars or fog on my glasses lol. Image details: The next night I was more prepared to shoot in the cold. Some high altitude clouds were blocking Wirtanen so I tu
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