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  1. Does anyone have a download for the alternative modules like the TomTom ? the download links does not work anymore and I've accidentally deleted the file ...
  2. And how do I restart your own website ?? No DLC for me in my account ...
  3. I bought it on 2013-02-08 and don't have any of the DLC in my account, that's once again very well thought out here.... Squad at it's best...
  4. That would be great, it is also my preferred mod for LS and building
  5. A mod I'd like also to see as stock is Stategia ...
  6. looks most promising, after Taraniselsu stopped the work on TACls...
  7. Hmm, I wanted to give the heads a try but the mega link wants to have a password ... anyone who can help ?
  8. Yes I fully agree but I don´t think that anyone at Squad will read this or take care of this - sadly. But it doesn´t matter someone will surely post that there is a mod for everything...
  9. Seems that eyecandy like clouds, etc (and such useless things like lifesupport) didn´t make it in and I think there are a lot of other things ... but there is surely a mod for everything
  10. Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que sera, sera What will be, will be
  11. Really? No heatshields? Building tiers left out? I know that squad does not care that much about details but - this time didn't they said the game will be complete? I don't know but either they are very brave or they don't care about ratings from gaming sites. I don't think they will achieve this rating 4Players Link When they publish in an incomplete state on the other hand why really care? They sold many copies and should have made their profit. And not to forget there is a mod
  12. Perform an unmanned mun flyby mission is somehow broken in my game, or I´m too silly to perform this mission - tried it with probe, with capsule(with attached probe) differnt alltitudes (100km, 25km, 7,5km) it just won´t get completed ... any help ?