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  1. Tested new hardware on Duna. . . Separately landing rover and ascent vehicle. . . driving to the pyramid at 22 m/s x Time warp 4 . . Repairing wheels after unwillingly getting airborne. . . Planting flags while listening to the transmissions .
  2. particles flying off exploding LHC are not the most dangerous thing. Explosively evaporating helium and flying debris, can easily kill anyone in the tunnel in case of an accident. But if you are outside of the tunnel you are safe. and so you are few dozens of kilometers away from an exploding launch loop.
  3. That was not the point. the point was, that all obstacles you mentioned apply equally to the LHC. So if they are insurmountable, then the LHC should also not exist. . Of course the launch loop has its own issues the LHC has not, but I think you are too pessimistic w/o a good reason.
  4. The LHC did actually blow apart a segment of it because of superconductor failure. And in worst case scenario can damage itself beyond repair in case of sudden catastrophic failure. And fall into ocean per se is not a big deal. parachutes and stuff.
  5. the only difference between several km of sealed tube and a few thousand kilometers of sealed tube is cost nothing more. And I would add, that our particle colliders need ultra high vacuum. for this, normal vacuum would be enough. Yeah, right, that's why the LHC was never built yeah right, that is why the LHC that has never been built because of your point 1 and 2 needs thousands of workers inspecting and repairing the magnets each day
  6. . People have heard that many times from you. Nah, it can't be done, nah, too difficult, nah, physics ( always in general, never saying in detail why not ) , nah this, nah, that. Always dismissing things right out of the bat. . As I said in another thread. Who wants, seeks ways, who does not want, seeks reasons. . And, seems to me, you are all about seeking reasons why not.
  7. . Yeah right. Give up on the rest of the universe, there are no benefits to gain there. It is a lost cause, just sit quiet here and wait for the next mass extinction.
  8. . giving up before even trying won't either.
  9. . Who wants seeks ways, who does not want to, seeks reasons.
  10. I googled it once, but the forces at the ends where the rotor turns are grotesque. Not sure how they want to do it. Maybe by making the loop turning points be several dozen kilometers in diameter. And the entire thing needs several nuclear powerplants running 24/7 because no power = explosive disintegration. . It is a cool idea nonetheless because it does not need any exotic materials.
  11. Yes I did. But, just because people are biased in that direction, it does not mean automatically, that the opposite is always true. Sometimes the things really go downhill.
  12. . Some people indeed do say that permanently regardless of what the situation is ( and some people are permanently stuck in the opposite ). But insisting that the situation is not getting worse just because some people would say that even if it weren't, isn't the best way of dealing with the reality.
  13. Widespread paranoia and mistrust is just another sign that this civilization is already decaying. Solid proof you want ? Don't you see how all governments are oozing corruption and incompetence from each pore ? Don't you see that the common people grow stupid, and as they get poorer and poorer, are more filled with frustration fueled hate ? Don't you see that general attacks on science are coming more and more from all directions ?, that people see the democracy itself as inherently corrupt, and because the memory of world war suffering is largely erased, they are slowly starting turning towar
  14. Killed some kerbals developing new series of unflippable rovers with the new wheels. The new 4.8 ton nuclear powered armored monster it so stable that it can drive on two wheels even on Kerbin, intentionally tumble at top speed, and flip itself back w/o any damage.
  15. in vacuum ? ordinary single cells not. Why ? they are powered by proton gradients. And hydrogen is extremely proficient at diffusing out of thin stuff. So the outer shell that would be needed to maintain all its hydrogens inside over long periods of time would have to be impractically thick. . Multi-celled organisms, however, could adapt to low pressure conditions by simply maintaining positive internal pressure through reinforced tissues and sealable orifices. Some birds can fly at 11 000 m and the pressure is just 1/4 of the atmospheric pressure. One big step would be, however, to store oxid
  16. On my big computer there was no difference. It was running max settings full speed and it is still in .20. On my notebook however, it was a slide show in .19 at lowest settings and now I have over 30 FPS. Thank you Squad, this helped a lot.
  17. Then look around you. It is already happening. The landslide moves initially too slowly to be immediately noticeable, but it is already moving. And we are all caught in it
  18. photon states don't work all on their own like nucleic acids. they need ( compared to the photons themselves ) a HUGE and fragile scaffold of ordinary matter around to hold the qbits and facilitate the computations ). And qbits can't be copied ( no clonning theorem ) and life has to reproduce.
  19. While technically true that we won't mine resources in space in the next few millenia ( this civilization is throughoutly decadent will collapse in next few decades, and it will take time till we get from small isolated tribes back to current level ), your attitude is still wrong.
  20. Nucleic acids and their analogs are the only known information-carrying molecules known. And from there it is all derived. all places have to have conditions in which base pairing works, temperatures and solvents, needed chemicals, pressures, energy sources, radiation shielding etc...
  21. . When you are just docking together prefabricated parts, you won't need shipyards. Things change however, once you have access to resources off Earth and you have to actually build the parts from raw materials mined elsewhere.
  22. I believe this site had an anti - crank & conspiracy theory policy in place before the April 2013 collapse. Could it be reinstated, very much please ?
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