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  1. I am kinda newb at this. I managed to produce the raw footage, but now I need to cut it into the final video and add a voice over. Does anyone know a good and preferably free video editing software ? What are u using to make your youtube videos ?
  2. . Maybe I've just misread the original post, thinking it was just about the size, not the other wacky stuff, which, I agree, it is impossible to begin with.
  3. Most of the "Sci"Fi movies are just prolefeed. And this will be so until the public will get a clue about science. = not until after this "civilization" blows itself up, and a new, better one is started.
  4. judging by the specs, it is just like the large ASAS vs. the small. may look better, but provides no added value to redeem the cost.
  5. looks like my TumbleWeed experimental rover. Don't have the sshots here, but it reached 4.1 m/s on Minmus. I abandoned the concept because it was unsteerable. To change direction in a controlled way one had to make a full stop.
  6. Are you suggesting that large ships as physically impossible as magic wands ? Wanna see where you or somebody else derived that the upper limit of physically possible spaceship size is a few dozen meter or so...
  7. I know, but I think that what he suggested inevitably results in/is indistinguishable from one - killing off your horizontal speed as close to the ground as you can has to go hand in hand with killing your vertical velocity as close to the ground as you can as well. otherwise you are gonna killing it( along with the crew ) through lithobraking.
  8. Isn't that called "suicide burn" ?
  9. pinpoint landing in vacuum and low gravity is easy. just set a maneuver node so that the final orbit pierces ground slightly beyond your target and kill all your horizontal velocity when you are straight above it. Pinpoint landings on planets with dense atmosphere, and from low orbit. that is hard.
  10. that is not an argument, that is a counterargument against declaring something 'just a fantasy' w/o other justification than "it has not been done yet"
  11. powered flight was a fantasy 150 years ago.
  12. there are more efficient ways how to stay alive than cowardness
  13. I guess, the central lower ones will overheat first, explode, let the others loose, they will slam into the upper boosters, and you will get your MMM. It's not like my kerbals didn't see that failure mode several times
  14. isn't that hydrogen that is used for cooling ? higher capacity, lower temperature, and not as aggressive to metals as hot pressurized oxygen.
  15. judging by my experience, those SRB clusters will overheat and explode after a few seconds:(
  16. then aerobrake at kerbin too. should save you most of the fuel.
  17. . You've got some landers, right ? there is a chance that your Laythe lander could land on Kerbin as well. So if you just move all your kerbals there, decouple from the rest of the ship, you can proceed with the landing normally. . And if not, you can still aerobrake into kerbin orbit with minimum delta-v, dock your landing capsule there and land.
  18. go for aerobraking. saves almost all fuel.then dock on jool orbit
  19. Combustible lemons ? The stuff in lemon peel is quite flammable. just engineer the fruit to synthetize it inside instead of normal juice. Explosive fruit ? not very likely because explosives need oxidizer and oxidizers are usually very caustic/toxic inside of a cell full of reductive compounds like amino acids and nucleic acids.
  20. Landing jets. Landing jets accounts for most of my kerbal life loss.
  21. Agree. tried to get rid of it by firing stuff into them and just created an order of magnitude bigger mess. Technically, it should have worked, but collisions are implemented so that out of 2 colliding pieces, one always survives unharmed, so you just can't reduce the amount of debris that way.
  22. From what I see, your lander is WAAAY too overpowered. ER gives me T/W like 7.64. Get rid of all those engines and replace the central one with a single LV-909. you will get TWR 1.46 which is more than enough for mun landing. And it's got the big ASAS - use the smaller one, saves weight. EDIT : I see it got RCS thrusters. you ain't need those to land on the mun at all. And lights but no solar panels nor RTGs.