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  1. @Berlin After all that test... I've replaced the .cfg file and the bug is gone [Edit] Noooo , it get back after that I've accelerated time. Indeed I guess it can be something about weather...
  2. I've removed all about kerbin from cloud.cfg but the alpha-bug still :\ then I've removed StockVisual... and EnvironmentVisual... folder and the problem gone. from StockVisual...\EVE\Atmosphere\ i've removed the could.cfg file and the problem still there. hope it will helps I've removed BoulderCo but nothing change :\
  3. Looks like I still have problems with transparency 64bit, and string removed.
  4. No no, I'm on PC, with a Gefo.770. -Force-d3d11-nosinglethread I'm using this 'cause.... I can't remember
  5. I really like the new version, which works great ... but I've some problem with trees and clouds Any advice to fix it ?
  6. @skips and where is it the "slightly modified version" ? .... I'm with the official ForScience v1.4 and it won't work
  7. the "Knode" with 8 port was builded on this way to have a modular system that permit to build a circular space station. the rest was just esthetic, I'm getting back to Kerbal after a couple of year and I was forget about engine limit BTW, I'm Kabooming all useless parts, and FPS are growing faster
  8. Kaboom look funny I'll start with that! Thank you
  9. I've already saved a cupole of copies thank you what is/are KAS/KIS ? BTW I've just found this cool java editor, for persistent file.
  10. Ok so, to save the situation, maybe I could try to edit persistent.sfs and remove ladders, RCS (fuel and engines) and batteries too... maybe it could help ? Thank you Sir
  11. Maybe it was asked thousand of times, but I'm building a space station, which is starting to be a bit complex, to be honest the pieces are all the same, but It starting to be very difficult to play 'cause FPS are closer to 10 !!! O.o So, please,please,please if you have any TIPs or advice to save tens of hours spent to build this things... p.s. To the Admins: Sorry I realize too late that I've post it on the wrong place, apologies
  12. @TekenerHow terrible a texture can look... what happen if you crash on it ? @BerlinBTW I still have Eve that looks like a Pupurle bulb, with E.V.E. so S.V.E. I guess I leave this mode alone