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  1. Any updates? This is for me by far the best propeller mod...Maybe we could try deleting electric engine parts whatsoever to make it load? does anybody have access to source files?
  2. Heya, I have an issue, I can´t see / open / interact any other bases than base KSC and Round Range Helipad. I have a ton of mods installed so I´m trying this blind shot, if anybody doesn´t happen to have the same issue, rather than going through a haystack looking for a needle...or I´m just retarded and didn´t figure it how to enable them. Mod is, however, working, as demonstrated by opened Round Range base, but nothing else pops up... EDIT: Please ignore, I´m just retarded and forgot to install kerbinside... My apologies.
  3. False. There are much more organisations than just NASA, every larger country have one, and there are lots of private agencies now too. I think that someone would notice that every satellite they launch crashed into glass wall. Russia would have must know that. Why wouldn´t they uncover that to destroy USA by causing panic and civil war by this? Or North Korea which also have space program? False. Foucault´s Pendulum proves Earth´s rotation, you can even use it calculate quite precisely your latitude based on its speed of rotation around its axis. False. Erastotheles calculated circumference of Earth 200BC with two sticks, measuring the difference between shadows they cast and how far are they apart. Alright, you can say that it´s the result of Sun being close, but then it proves that Sun is merely 3000 miles up, which causes few "little" problems, like: - We would all burn up instantly - Sun would be 17 degrees above horizon during midnight - No nights anywhere on Earth. Ever. - 24h sunlight in Antarctica would be absolutely impossible - Sun would be about 30 miles in diameter, it would consume all of its fuel within few months (if it was even able to hold itself together somehow for that long). False. Borrow simple geo surveyor equipment and measure anywhere on Earth the Geodetic Arc, which is effect of gravity subtly leaning away two objects as they follow the direction to the center of mass on the Earth. This causes everything on Earth to lean away the farther apart two objects are. This phenomena is important for architects and constructor of larger structures like suspension bridges, and if they didn´t take this into account, the buildings would fall. I was personally present at failure of assembling the Amazon warehouse, which was so large that forgetting taking this into account ended up with several days delay of the finishing because roof was too short (same length as the floor, but sides are farther apart on tops than bottoms). What about private ones? By the way, you know that whole science funding (NASA being only part of it) is about 1,4% of the USA budged, while Military gets 40%? You definitely sound like one. Agreed, but shape of the Earth is not one of them. It makes zero sense. How far they can go and get away with it. Again, shape of the Earth is definitely not the case, as even amateurs are building rockets going into stratosphere, filming Earth from space. http://ddeville.com/derek/Qu8k.html Every astronomer ever that spent his life documenting the sky would notice that nothing corresponds with "official story", don´t you think? The easiest way you can tell Earth is a sphere and there are satellites orbiting Earth is this. Take GPS capable phone or any GPS from car, go into any valley where you don´t have any mobile signal, and try out if GPS still works. It does, because it is communicating with satellites, not mobile signal towers.
  4. Hello, I have an issue and I hope that I´m not that retarded to overlook something. I can´t display (on map, no icons, can´t buy, manage or launch from them) any other bases around Kerbin other than tracking stations. I played with mod settings, tried different saves (Career), but can´t figure it out. I have KerbinSide Complete with GAP contract pack, installed via CKAN. Do I need to max out VAB and SPH or Administration or something else to being able to purchase another bases to launch off? Also, is there a hotkey or any other way to disable ATC and NGS while flying with rocket (Other than in mod settings)? It´s awesome for planes, but distracting while launching rockets. Thanks in advance, your mod is awesome by the way! Thank you for all your work. EDIT: Yeah and playing on 1.1.3, if that´s the issue, please ignore my post.
  5. Hey there, I absolutely love this mod, but unfortunately my laptop doesn´t (kills my FPS around KSC). I would like to ask if there´s a way to disable on extra surroundings of the original KSC while having "KerbinSide Complete" installed? I am aware of part that can be installed independently, but I also want GAP contract pack which requies KerbinSide Complete, not just skyways (which is what I would install otherwise).
  6. Ohhhh, hell yeah! Medical bay, or at least medicines for KIS storage to cure radiation poisoning or mental illness?
  7. Perfect! Thanks for the answer.
  8. Sorry if this question was answered before, but how´s the compatibility with DeepFreeze? I know it caused some issues with other Life-Support mods, in Kerbalism I can imagine that mental health could be also (not) triggered accordingly. Anybody tried those mods simultaneously?
  9. What about making secondary GAP version with only Skyways dependency and missing bases excluded? Sounds like easiest way to me, but a little bit extra work when updating since you would have to manage two builds, which I can imagine could be confusing.
  10. Ohhh that´s why. Thanks for answer! Few days ago I installed it without any problems, so I thought that problem is on my side. Thanks for clarification!
  11. Hey guys, anyone else is getting error with installing this awesome mod via CKAN saying that it conflicts with Community Resource Pack? Can´t install both, I´m wondering what´s wrong? KSP 1.1.0
  12. Oh, my apologies, I didn´t notice this. Alright, I will test it myself and report later about my findings. Of course, it´s not a problem for me install those mods manually, but I really love CKAN management because I have several installs on separate machines, sending my save files around via clouds so I can continue playing where I left off, but because of this any mod update management would be a horror to do manually, this keeps my games compatible with saves. Do you think that you would consider making the mod dependancy to kerbinside complete OR skyways in CKAN library if I´ll find no problems?
  13. Could it be compatible with only Skyways part of kerbinside? Rest of the kerbinside kills my FPS badly, but only skyways are just fine...Are other bases also needed for correct function of this contract pack? Thanks for answers.
  14. Really excellent mod! Looking forward for wider cross-mod compatibilities! (MKS/OKS, remotetech2 please? )
  15. Thanks... *going to cry in the corner until 1.1 comes out*