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  1. Windows 8 x64 core [email protected] 8gb ram and 1gb graphics card. I really do not see why people hate windows 8. Its great, just not on desktops, fine for a laptop with mouse gestures imo.
  2. Digressing a bit... Me and many other IRL pilots like to do what is known as a 'visual approach'. We pretty much just have a quick glance now and again at the airspeed indicator and the altimeter... Flying mostly by the seat of our pants... As for 'nailing it every time', well, that just takes practice....
  3. Somewhere I read that unity runs not so well if you have an Intel Celeron core, so that could be some peoples problem. 0.20 for me has been amazing, I get 40-50fps and no more random game crashes when I try to launch a rocket! happy landings
  4. I once used a couple of sepratrons to help de-orbit an ultralight lander onto the mun, it saved some delta-v and gave me a wider margin for error when I relaunched it back into orbit
  5. Great screenshot! How much are you willing to bet that B9 made the new cockpits?
  6. I am guilty of clipping two more tanks where you can not see them... The landing was not that far away from the Armstrong easter egg
  7. Hi Folks, Today (24/5/2013) Bill landed on the mun for the first time since the .20 update! He only has enough delta-v left to get back into a sub orbital trajectory with the lander... after that it will be a quick EVA hop to the service module Yay! First post
  8. First post on the forum, so here goes! I recently saw HarvestR's dev blog about creating flags for kerbals. Does anybody know what is (possibly?) planned for the 0.20 update? The flags would be amazing, but surely the devs would include more than one thing in a patch... right?
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