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  1. So your requesting an MK2 science component? Just trying to understand your request
  2. What version are you using? I thought this was fixed a while back. I'll look into it again.
  3. Plugins such as Firepitter, FAR, DRE, RPM etc. are compiled DLL's which run code in KSP.
  4. It is not a retexture. The model and UV's are different as well it would need to be a separate part.
  5. There's an older version. It used to be under Legacy on my github repo. @Wolfair corp. I'll look for it and send you the files.
  6. @Wolfair corp. Good job in the release!
  7. Check the github for the Rafael IVA
  8. The falken looks like a cool concept. As for control surfaces no. I won't be retexturing one of them is already "stock alike" and the other is for testing purposes only. Other than the Falken drone retexture or if @Wolfair corp. makes any changes, this mod will be in a maintenance only mode for the foreseeable future. When I add new or remastered parts @Wolfair corp. will probably post it.
  9. No, the IVA was an afterthought. And I don't want to modify the exterior.
  10. Looks fine to me.. The RPM screens are all WIP. Making RPM props is finicky work.
  11. Make sure you're using