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  1. So if I’m following. The parts don’t work with SETI? It could be there are no MM patches to support it.
  2. martinezfg11

    what should I use for modeling

    Blender is definitely a great place to start. There's even an importer for Blender to analyze the game models.
  3. martinezfg11

    Kerbal Service Module (KSM)

    Can't wait to see some textures on it.
  4. Well this can be remedied quite easily. I don't have KSP loaded ATM and am out of the loop with mods, so do tell, what is DCK? Edit: NVM I googled it. Looks pretty cool.
  5. Hey @StahnAileron I haven't had much time to do anything with this mod as of late. If Wolfair corp has time, then maybe we can push some changes. And you're right some configs imply BDA needs to be installed.
  6. So your requesting an MK2 science component? Just trying to understand your request