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  1. Looks fine to me.. The RPM screens are all WIP. Making RPM props is finicky work.
  2. Check the github out. There is a fix for the Hornet error and IVA for the Rafale.
  3. That recoloring system is awesome!!! I haven't checked your GitHub but will it's use be documented there?
  4. I use the Squad non-helmet seat. Which can be obtained using the .MU importer (for reference purposes only). Using that you can then judge the proper size of IVA's. The positioning of Kerbals using the transforms in Unity is purely trial and error. Also: about the Kerbals height, I believe they are 1m tall with their helmets, also if you see the size of some of the squad airlocks, there is NO WAY you could actually fit a Kerbal in them, so just make the airlock whatever size looks right.
  5. You could re-make the statics to be compatible with 6.4x using base boss.
  6. Best thing you can do is look at the Squad configs for different engines.
  7. A project that is Secret (As in not currently publicly available). This is not the thread for that, lets just say keep an eye on the forums within the next couple weeks...
  8. Hi, love this mod! I have a recommendation, please consider upping the thrust of the Beluga to 90, and the Hawk to 70. They're a little under-powered even for reasonably sized aircraft. Also, what's the advantage of using FSEngine compared to ModuleEngine? Here's craft I've been working on, can hover with full internal fuel at 3400 meters and has pretty good range as well.
  9. MODULE { name = ModuleBooleanIndicator // Note that you can put a "!" in front of a boolean input to invert it input = and(liquidFuelEnabled, oxidizerEnabled) activeColor = dualLevel inactiveColor = blink(dualLevel, 900, $Off, 300) emissiveName = dualIndicator } Hi, would it be possible to have a light activate when landed? Would the ModuleBooleanIndicator be the correct module to use? Edit: Nevermind, I think I found the correct input in one of your examples. Thanks!
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