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  1. It's probably one of the ASET props. The errors on the right indicate the Spoilers which only work when FAR is activated. Haven't fired up KSP yet to verify.
  2. Dude I have a COAS IVA prop I would be willing to donate if it would be useful to you.
  3. The parttools 1.1.2 do not have the InternalBumpedSpecular shader. Is this shader dead? Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working again?
  4. OP hasn't been online in over a year.... I got all excited when I saw this pop up....
  5. Hmmm, well the Internal for the Tucano is done. Just need to remember if the Internal Shader made by Porkjet it still working. If so, it will be done pretty soon..(ish)
  6. Glad you took over this! As Wolfair said, I still have parts planned for this mod.
  7. I'm mainly looking for someone to ensure the mod doesn't break or get broken after an update.
  8. Maybe, though I thought someone has already made this at some point. Not sure though.
  9. Latest commit on GitHub fixes a bug which wipes out all other IVA's. And fixes the Rafale's Normals not showing.
  10. Would anyone like to take over maintenance of the mod? My plans are to still add features, I just don't want to spend my time ensuring the mod works for every new KSP version release. If anyone is interested let me know.
  11. Don't know. Should be. Give it a shot and let me know. Haven't even played 1.2 yet..
  12. Never heard of the Bronco... Try the latest master on Github. It has the Tucano in it's current state.
  13. I'll put the current state of the mod on Github. I have been having issues with the InternalSpace shader and it doesn't seem like it will be getting fixed anytime soon now that PorkJet has left the dev team.. So I might need to retexture some internals.
  14. KSP has been the best game I've ever played. Not just because of the amazing things that can be learned from flying little green aliens into outer space, or teach you that failure is not always "game over", but because of the modding community. I've spent probably upwards of 2000 hours playing the game and just as many hours researching aerodynamics so I can build awesome things in FAR, or learning every nook and cranny of 3d-modelling, texturing, baking, Unity etc. In my opinion the modding community and the community at large has been the single most successful part of KSP, and KSP has taught me more than any other game I can think of. To see things changing drastically makes me a little uneasy, but I hope the community continues to back (and mod) this great game for the foreseeable future just as I plan on doing.
  15. How do you do it... Thanks for keeping this alive.
  16. Well if it's the HUD then the issue lies with the ASET props. I understand the error can be annoying, if your on 1.1.x then make sure you are using the version on GitHub as it's the latest dev version. But as I said, it may not be this mod so much as the dependencies. I'll try to look at it this weekend if I have time.
  17. Easy there... The props that I used were the B9 props and most recently, ASET RPM props and my props (I think I only have a throttle prop right now). Seems like there's an issue with one of those props. I doesn't however interfere with gameplay. Which cockpit are you using? I'll try to replicate the issue and upload a fix on github.
  18. Hey try MODO! The indie version isn't bad either, some limits, but they're manageable for KSP game-art.
  19. Why are you trying to import the model into blender? Are you planning on making changes to the actual model? By the way you can import into blender, and as long as you don't make massive model changes, you should be able to export and use the same setup as before. Just beware, that if you keep it in the SQUAD directory it will get overwritten if you update.
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