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  1. Always have loved this. I do have a question though, despite the MIT licensing clause on the Source Code site (CodePlex). Would you mind if I possibly implemented this into a project I'm working on or contacted you for some advice? My current project deals heavily on timers, and while ideally it will be based on real-time and not count time that is warped, if all else fails I may turn to using KAC if the okay is given, or at least splicing out some of your code. I'd hate to use it and you'd be angry for me 'stealing' your hard work Regardless, you can contact me via PM or here. If you're interested in what I'm working on, you can get the jist of it here. P.S. In the readme and on the documentation sites the forum link is broken since the Great Forum Crash of '13. I'm sure you already know, just figured I'd help out in case you didn't.