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  1. Hey! I have NOT given up or stopped working on this. Had some life events get in the way of the last few releases. My plan is to wait for the next version (this month) and update /test the new version. I've rewritten to use other mods - so I will be dependent on them, but they are VERY active and have a good track record of being updated quickly!
  2. UPDATE: I am getting close to releasing a new version that will be based on the KRPC mod. Stay tuned.
  3. @kormath Cool ideas! I'm wanting to make the in-game UI very minimal. I plan on trying to expose the info via another plug-in (Telemachus) is possible.
  4. Hello. This question is for the moderators. What are the rules on posting items for sale or links to items that this thread in particular would be interested in? Thanks!
  5. Thanks!. The only issue I think right now is that PAO uses the branch with the Camera code.. which is note the branch I believe you were referring too.
  6. @DMagic Thank you for your information. I'm a fan of your work! Handling string replacements as well as sentence grammars is a good part of internationalization enabling localizations. In addition to those items, I'm going to make a concerted effort to address other issues such as non western-alphabets and localized dialog designs that take into account word/character size and left-to-right vs. right-to-left languages. I'd like to follow Squad's lead on how they plan on supporting localized resources. Hopefully they'll use non, compiled resource bundles of some sort. Again, thanks for your post and all your awesome work!
  7. @eberkain There is an alpha release but no final release. There are some issues with the camera and the latest code.
  8. @Axilourous Yes it is!! The mod is reliant on the Telemachus mod, which I'm waiting for an official new version before I publish an update. Definitely being worked on!
  9. Yes! The idea is that my mod would generate the biography for ALL randomly generated kerbals! There will be special cases for the current four veterans. I will also create biographies for tourists as well.
  10. Hello all! So far I've made a part mod, contributed to a mod, and created an extension to a mod, but I've never really made a true, in game mod that really interacts with the game per se. The mod/extension I've spent the most time on is my KSP-PAO - Public Affairs Office, which creates a NASA/TV like experience for your missions in real time. This mod relies exclusively on the the AWESOME Telemachus mod to pull KSP data from the game and provide it externally over http. While designing new features to KSP-PAO, I realized that some of them I had been planning on being part of the externalized portion of the code in JavaScript - I realized that I could include some of it IN GAME as another mod so that other people could use it, and I could get some new experience. The functionality I've started playing with is a kerbal biography generator. The game keeps interesting stats on Kerbals that my KSP-PAO should talk about, but what about... where they were born? or went to school.. or what degree(s) they obtained? The next version of KSP has been Internationalized and localized (a process which I have professional experience with) and I wanted to create a way todynamically and consistently create Kerbal biographies in ANY language. So, I've started designing the code to be able to just that. Eventually this mode will allow you to look at the mini-biographies of any of your Kerbals and utilizing the string tables for localized versions for all the KSP supported languages. The Kerbal Chronicle contest really got me thinking about the backgrounds and back stories of not only the four veteran Kerbals, but all of the Wily, Thermin and Belka Kermins out there! I'll be documenting the development of the mod here on the forums. All that being said, when the next version of KSP comes out, I'd like to know how/learn to to.... get the list of all the localized name pre-fixes and suffixes, and their appropriate enumerators. get the list of all the localized location names in KSP (DSN names and contract locations) Also, I'll be asking for help with:. getting some localized grammar structures for three or four sentences I'll be heavily reusing. ...and eventually some great suggestions and additions to the list institutions of higher learning I've started. The list currently includes: Kerdue University (more Kerbonauts have graduated from here than any other school!) The Kerbin Institute of Science Joolian Polytechnic. I'll be also be learning how to create/use some in game UI elements for the first time. Eventually, my KSP-PAO will use this mod, via Telemachus, to read out the biographies of Kerbals from time to time, during a launch or EVA.
  11. Hey there. Long story, thought I'd lost the code, then had troubles with Github. Here's a like to the code changes in My Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6svbo47fjeat18c/AAAmlMIncylKJdFkBzZAHkt3a?dl=0
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