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  1. I've not had that happen just yet, but i have not really played much since testing them out. I'll look out for that to see if that happens more.
  2. I have tested and found that the station parts of this mod "DOES WORK" with "KSP 1.4.1" and "The Making history DLC".
  3. There is a fellow user of KJR that recompiled the DLL for KJR to work in 1.3, I have tested with it and it stopped the load in joint failure! here are some ships I have made.
  4. I have noticed that also, I fire a torpedo and almost as soon as the torpedo hits the water, it stops moving forward and rapidly sinks. I have also noticed the same effect that Lancefoxcia posted. I will also attempt to raise the Buoyancy and see if dat works.
  5. First off I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mod pack! ! And i read something aboot the torpedos, what was the fix for them as i have had a lot of troubles with them in my test navy battle 1.4 KSP The ship launched ones just sit there and sink. IS the mass value change the right way to go for now, or is there something more? In my testing I am not sure if it is your mod, another mod, BDArmory or just the stupid game engine, But i can not have gunfire got any farther than 5km. I also needed to edit out the FSfuelSwitch module and just replace it with each ammo type that you was able to select. It is a dirty workaround but it works for now. Otherwise I have no complaints for 1.3 and NAS working toget.
  6. Your welcome @pizzaoverhead, I do try to help out as much as I can when it comes to mods here. That is if i am actively playing that is hehe.
  7. Just a FYI to beat all those is it going to be updated. I have been using this in my 1.3 version KSP with no issues! Enjoy!
  8. @flywlyx, I can test out compatibility with other mods if that is something you are interested it. I currently am doing my own non asked for tests with BDArmory as with other weapons mods. I foresee people trying to use a weapon mod with your aircraft mod, as with other water based craft for aircraft carriers I can test them with this system.
  9. I can confirm that AA does NOT work and was forced to remove it. I have NDK working but i have not used any nukes, or torps yet. there was an update for Cal recently but i have not really dug into the a lot for bugs and not working items.
  10. ok i was wrong the station flung itself apart due to my design. The parts i overlapped started to push against each other and summoned the krakken on it. Here is a perfect stable station. edited content instead of double post @smotheredrun I tested the KSO shuttle and the KSO EWBCL shuttle, The KSO shuttle flew ok, but the ascent was a workout to get it to space. On landing it was a lot better but it lost waaaaaay too much speed and glided waaay too well for a flying brick. The KSO EWBCL was also a workout to get the ascent into space. HOWEVER! the EWBCL lost all control and wanted to fly backward and then went into an unrecoverable spin. I have also noticed that the RCS is not centered and it likes to drift around. Maybe some sort of RCS adjustment for both shuttles.I have also noticed that the wheels have very very little friction but with max it seemed to work better. The landing gear joints might need tweaking also. I have tested the helicopter, the cop sadan, and rover. The helicopter wants to flip over way to easy and is very hard to control. The wheels on the rover and sadan need there traction worked on as they are the same as the shuttle wheels. And they want to turn WAY to quick making the sedan cop car roll to easily. I hope that my findings will help with fixing the mod and getting it into 1.3. Here is my current mod list also.
  11. JUST a quick 1.3 update I attempted to try the station parts and I think the joints are messed up as it basicly flung itself apart once i jumped into space, I'll do more testing to see if it was just my design or the mod itself as with doing a clean install with only the required mods (if updated)
  12. You are so welcome and thanks for the kind words! I don't hear them very much. They do? why didn't I get the memo? Is it because I don't have one of those printer phone things? Anywho thanks I'll take a look at the 29 pages of stuff for the links.
  13. Er um do we place that config file in extra's into the mod folder? or do we put it in .....
  14. Thank you so VERY much for the update! this is one of the first after update mods i install.
  15. To put it simple, Sorry if blunt but it is what it is. Just because there is nothing posted in a mod thread does NOT mean there is no work being done on it. Give it time they are doing this for free and on there spare time. I HAVE been waiting for this whole mod pack to be updated since 1.1.3 was updated. Please just wait for it belive me the wait will make it on so much sweeter once it is done. But aside form all that is there a snowball's chance in hades that just the space station part modpack is ready for release?
  16. I worked on them in real life if you have any questions on the looks let me know, and I'll see what I can do.
  17. I know you said the MLRS look ugly But it was something that I worked on in the army and would REALLY love to see a model of it made. I know they are fugly But they bring back so many memories. Like the time i got to program and fire off a full 12 pack of rockets at White sands new mexico during a live fire. Now that might not sound like a lot BUUUT for a MLRS Repairmen that doesn't drive or fire one it was a LOT!
  18. ... Oh so it WAS there, that's what i get from just looking over it for a normal and very apparent download here link..
  19. Aw rip I really really LOVED this mod and used to make use of it a LOT i liked the send a jump beacon to were you wanted to go and then charge up and poof you're there. It was not op or complicated as a lot of other so called jump drives that are out, and even with the new ones. Look forward to an updated version even if I have to wait for it!
  20. Hello there, I REALLY like this mod and want it, But I do not use CKAN. I install my mods manually and know HOW to do it. Can you post a download link for us that do not use CKAN? Many thanks in advance.
  21. Hi hi i tried to find it but the link to the little plugin that adds parachutes to any Kerbal without requiring parachute boxes is broken, is there an updated link for this plug-in as i miss its ease of use with it. Thanks in advance Damaske
  22. Even if it does not win I do hope that a new Ground to Ground Ballistic guidance mode would do SOOO much to the game is it is right now. What I am meaning is where the missile pulls upward gains altitude before turning downward in an arc and hitting the target anywhere from a 45 degree's to directly atop it (Aka 90 degree) depending on range from launch point. I Voted for the Radar, IR, Laser, and/or GPS systems (guidance, target acquisition, detection, appropriate countermeasures) in the survey thingy, But I'm not opposed to more Space/vacuum capable weaponry, or Modular missile and/or turret parts.
  23. Ok I'll try that I was worried that it was some mods not playing nicely. Edit I found out the Limited edition was for the EWBCL and not the KSO shuttle please disregard. .What i have done to send up parts for a station for example would be to use docking ports on the shuttle and the part I was bringing up, Un-dock the cargo and use the Shuttles RCS to pull away from the part and grab it with a work tug to dock it to where it was going. I also use this for satellite and probes but after I un-dock them the docking port on the cargo was separated from the probe or satellite and I'd somehow re-dock with that little part or just space junk it. I also want to thank everyone who has put work into this mod, from the original makers of it to all the people that have helped others with troubles that have popped up, including those that have edited and made configs for compatibility with other mods. Thank you for ALL your hard work, with out it this mod would not be what it is today!
  24. I am wondering if there are others out there that are having troubles connecting the orange tank for the KSO shuttle? not the larger one but the smaller one. I tried to have the tank as the first part and the cabin but it will not connect on the node. I will attempt to do a fresh install and only have KSOS and see if it happens again, as I have other mods that are in this install. This is just to ask if others are having the same trouble as me.
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