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  1. How do the crew tubes work? Do they stop extending once they hit something?
  2. I'd prefer them to be physically connected, gonna figure out Konstruction
  3. Is it "normal" for MJ's autoland to be extremely off target? It's like 10km away in atmosphere, and hundreds of miles away on the mun!
  4. Any advice on connecting surface base components, without resorting to putting everything on wheels? I have MKS, SSPXr and KAS installed. I've thought of build in EVA mode, but it seems like they'd still have to be positioned pretty precisely, since the parts are rigid (except for the MKS flex-o-tubes, but their seems to be some inconsistent information as to whether these are deprecated
  5. The Wiki says the Konstruction Ports are deprecated? This seems odd, is that correct? Also wondering what the Konstruction Points are.
  6. What's the difference between deploy and extend?
  7. This isn't exactly a bug, more of a suggestion, but when reentering a booster for a targeted landing, Booster Guidance (https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/BoosterGuidance) provides a more accurate atmospheric trajectory than Trajectories. Perhaps there is some possibility for improvement here?
  8. I've been asking around for something like this! EDIT: This is working great/perfectly as far as navigation, but its starting the landing burn too late.
  9. Not sure if MJ is still being worked on at this point, but there's a typo in the Translatron: "Execute!" is spelled "Execuet!"
  10. Hi, I'm looking to figure out if it's possible to use an autopilot mod to land at a target on Kerbin with FAR installed. I've been able to do it manually and with MechJeb's land somewhere by aiming for an end of the KSC runway and considering anywhere on the runway "on target", but I'd like to do this a bit more precisely. I've tried MechJeb and TCA for this. MechJeb doesn't seem to handle the atmosphere with FAR, so lands short, and TCA descends at -10 m/s before slowing to a stop on touchdown, rather than doing a suicide burn (this takes too much fuel/DV). Is this possible?
  11. With regard to crust/surface resources, I meant, sorry.
  12. Got it, thanks. So nitrogen, for example, that can only be detected within 1500m, and isn't intended to be detected from orbit?
  13. It seems like the PK-DUST-S regolith extractor doesn't actually need anything than electric as an input. Is this intended?
  14. Thanks, thats very helpful! And about the scanning, do I need to rescan?
  15. @JadeOfMaar For use with MKS, am I OK to remove the Kerbalism folders and the engines and bread tanks? If I install this in an existing save after already scanning with Scansat, are the resource maps already updated, or do I need to rescan? Also, could I get some information on how the Nuclear Family and NTRReactorPatch extras work with KerbalAtomics and NFE?
  16. @linuxgurugamer Is it known/intended for the stock MPL to generate heat? Couldn't figure out what was going on till I tracked into a CFG
  17. Came here to say this @RoverDude
  18. Is there a way to integrate this with the stock calendar?
  19. https://imgur.com/a/RW1a8s8 Is this part supposed to be/known to missing a title and description?
  20. Great thanks! I was asking because KSTS conflicts
  21. Does this work with USI-LS and KCT? @linuxgurugamer
  22. You are correct thats what I was referring to! Sounds like a really great game! @BrigadierThere is no reason to play lawyer
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