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  1. Potential issue with ResearchBodies - I'm still on .5, but it looks like ResearchBodies contracts won't appear due to the criteria for bodies in range of the telescope being unmet. I'm trying to increase the scope's range with MM but it's not taking for some reason, so I haven't confirmed that fixes it. I'll try editing it directly.
  2. FYI, in trying a reinstall to get me out of my messy state, the JNSQ installer doesn't seem to let me select an install location, it just starts installing to the location I selected when I installed the first time (I'm just going to do a manual instead for now).
  3. Yes, as it was my understanding that JNSQ is not yet compatible with it...?
  4. I see. After updating to Kop 1.7.1, the incompatibility message appeared on the loading screen which spooked me out of loading my save, at which point I checked the Kop thread which seemed to indicate JNSQ might break, and I did as I mentioned. I struck out my prior message to reduce confusion.
  5. (Please correct me if any of this is wrong) For anyone else using CKAN confused by Kopernicus now being incompatible: Kopernicus 1.7.1 breaks planet packs that haven't been updated as well, including JNSQ. You'll need to not update Kopernicus. In order to reduce the chance this is accidentally done, I uninstalled Kopernicus from CKAN and installed the 1.7.0-1 version manually. CKAN detects it (which lets you install Stock Visual Terrain) but effectively locks the version so it doesn't detect updates for it.
  6. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ give girders plz ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Seriously I feel like the Modular Girder Segment, it's XL version and its adapter are in the most desperate need of a makeover and would be really impactful considering how often they're used. The smaller ones look amazing and I'd love to see similar work on these. Anyone know of other mods with decent remodels them in the meantime?
  7. Been enjoying this as part of a 1.7 career campaign in JNSQ (my first after being away from the game for a few years). However, the Moons of Kerbin contracts are showing some odd behavior. After completing the Kerbin Orbit contract, it unlocked contracts for the Mun and Minmus, but they were the full "land and return" contracts rather than flybys. Any idea what might be happening here? EDIT: What's happening here is that I need to read the fine print - there's only one contract for each body and each has sub-objectives of the flyby, land, and land and return! I assumed one contract needed
  8. I second questions about what exactly to do with the new mineable resources. Am I missing something, or do we need other mods to utilize them? I don't see anything in the compatible/recommended list that does (maybe Kerbalism?). And the stock ISRU doesn't seem to be able to convert anything into anything used by TACLS (the only thing I currently have that might).
  9. I haven't played KSP for more than a year, and explicitly was avoiding playing with planet packs in the hopes that a mod would allow them (specifically their surface detail) to be hidden before discovery. Just found that this is now a feature; immense news! Thanks for the modding effort!
  10. Absolutely! Cool stuff. My real hope is still that a resource-overlay-like "veil" covers areas not scanned by a camera or visible from a vessel with a Kerbal. If that's possible, perhaps requirements for unveiling would be configurable. As you describe would still be great, though!
  11. Here's my piece on the graphics: http://childrenofadeadearth.boards.net/thread/131/love-graphics
  12. Neither the game nor the video are mine, just posting them here. Check out the links in the OP if you want to talk to the creator; he's fairly active on his blog and steam.
  13. From the game's name, I'm presuming the justification/setup is simply that warfare only breaks out after there is a significant human presence and infrastructure in space, spurred by Earth being made unliveable in some way.
  14. Welp, I did so safely by hyperediting the orbits of craft in danger (that said, it was only one, in LKO).
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