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  1. I am not a new player. I started in .17. I have tried dozens and dozens of times to build a functioning SSTO before .23 and had a single success (with a single-Kerbal SSTO with no docking port and barely enough fuel to deorbit). I can now build functional SSTOs and SSTO spaceplanes thanks to the RAPIER and I couldn't be happier. I think that the lack of an electrical generator and their propensity to overheat/explode more than a Mainsail makes up for their ease of use. Hooray! Thanks, SQUAD!
  2. A suboptimal ascent trajectory for my latest "shuttle". They are both crewed and they both made orbit. Woo hoo! I just like this picture. Thermometer seems to be more functional now. Anyone else notice this? Simple Mun return mission yields great results. Behold! My latest (only) SSTO crew shuttle. I call it "Tin Can to Space"! It can easily get into a 100x100 parking orbit with fuel to spare. It will need that fuel since it has no RCS, making rendezvous difficult. I may try to add some RCS to the Block 2 version.
  3. Took a few tries (froze at 85% complete last night) but I got it working now. Thanks SQUAD!
  4. Failure on the patcher still. Says it can't compute FAST_CWD_POINTER then failed to connect to server....
  5. Restart career mode. Tweak the small SRB to get Jeb even higher up!
  6. I've tried on my "Deny the Sky" save. Purposely put probe-debris ships into retrograde and polar orbits. Still nothing when launching ships normally. Meh.
  7. It was a test to see how the resource system behaved during development, IIRC. Since resources are known to be coming down the pipeline I'm not surprised they left it in there.
  8. They also said they would have a planet discovery mechanic in place before the next planet release and not hype the next planet release, etc.
  9. I feel that the addition of a release date shows that Squad is maturing as a company and is beginning to understand what is needed to reach a given goal at a set time. This is good news if we are looking down the road to a "release-ready" game.
  10. Didn't recognize the name at first. Awesome, thanks!
  11. Where is the space-been personage that was promised?
  12. paleorob


    I had this debate with a staff member who doesn't understand science yesterday in fact. Empiricism does not allow you to "prove" anything but can allow you to disprove something. Often times this disproving takes place under specific tightly controlled circumstances but we can say (for example) that at STP ~4.6 billion years after Earth coalesced naturally occurring Uranium will not form a critical mass since the fissionable material will be too dispersed. All of our statements have assumptions built into them and without acknowledging those assumption (and making sure that all parties in a discussion share those assumptions) there can't really be any sort of discourse. This sounds kind of trivial (after all most people will agree with the assumption that the world that we exist in is in fact real) but when discussing a video game it can get more convoluted since there is more room for these assumptions to vary between observers. That's why I think some of these disagreements on the "science" of KSP exist - we aren't operating under the same assumptions.
  13. Lots of people, myself included. Hard to do a KSP Instagram without extra steps. Vines are too short to communicate anything meaningful about the game with. Why not Facebook?
  14. Or they install it on a clean install so they don't lose their stock solar system.
  15. I'd love to go over this, since I'm still learning about 3D printing. I don't want to clog up this picture thread though. I've posted the same results with a bit more detail in the .craft to 3D file thread. I'd be happy to go over in more detail what I did there.
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