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  1. As to rocket part prints I imagine since new parts are being added (and old parts modified) that any print of the rocket parts could be rendered obsolete by the time the game is actually in full release.
  2. I hope the weekly Kerbal update comes back. I found that great and useful, etc.
  3. It could have a liquid core but probably not based on its size. As FITorion points out any seismic activity is likely the result of impacts. IRL our moon has "moonquakes" but no tectonics.
  4. My manned Duna Skipper has an IP drive stage that is ion powered. Currently in the middle of a 4 hour course correction.
  5. As a scientist I can tell you there is still a lot of science to be done on Earth. No reason why there can't be massive quantities of science on Kerbin. Let the player decide where and how to gather science for their save.
  6. I remember reading about the effects of floating point calculations on orbits and someone mentioned that circular (or nearly so) orbits in KSP are actually less stable than elliptical orbits. Forget the exact reasoning behind it though.
  7. I think it would be great if an actual memorial at KSC was in place where you could walk/drive/fly by and look at the (ever growing) list of names of your departed Kerbals.
  8. Yes, a .craft to .stl converter would be awesome. Either that or at least a way to back-export a .craft into a 3D program where you could at least save as a .stl
  9. You understand human descriptions of temperature. You are correct. My main quibble is with everyone assuming the units are in Celsius or some other established measurement system.
  10. Why does everyone assume that the temperatures are recorded in a system we are familiar with? There are no units. The only units we can reasonably understand are length (meter based) and data transmission size (Mits - a fictional unit?). For all we know it is 14 degrees Kerbisus close to the sun.
  11. That's why, during an abort, it is a good idea to A)set up the abort to also kill the other engines in the rocket and B)steer slightly towards the ocean.
  12. Actually I think it makes sense that way: Kerbals just take their existing small diameter motors and made a larger mounting base for it.
  13. Since it is a mystery I think they are not using it to test conditions in space but to see what the heck it is. The Kerbals are just as confused by it as we are.
  14. Used asparagus-staging and Skippers to launch a manned mission to Jool. Would have been able to return except for me botching the aerobraking at Jool.
  15. Your sacrifice was not in vain...erm...whatever your name was. Botched aerobrake at Jool. Also apparently seeing into the stary core of Jool. Research plane. Testing a rover dropship. I am pretty happy. Need to do range tests of the carrier but it may be able to reach pretty much anywhere on the planet. Future versions (once I unlock the tech) will have a docking port instead of a separator to allow a second carrier to pick up the rover and transport it further afield. Obviously well worth it.
  16. Eve Atmosphere Explorer (manned returned capsule) ran out of gas. Couldn't get out of aerocapture, let alone get home. Bill you idiot! Creepy abandoned airfield KerbaLab One - my simple science station with crew return pods. Muna One burning for the Mun Fully deployed on the Mun
  17. Oooh, the new one looks slick. Haven't unlocked it yet though.
  18. Still waiting for the Science Lab mod to come out because it is honestly an awesome idea. Full (or maybe 80-90%) science recovery of science stored anywhere on the vessel/base when the module (big and power hungry) is on the same vessel and activated. I can see it clearly looking like a mutant cross between the Hitchhiker and Orange Tank. If I had any skill with 3D design or coding I would already be on this...
  19. Images of both should be in the OP for comparison. I have no idea since I don't memorize the part names.
  20. I have this problem as well. My Kerbal on Eve can't get back into his capsule because I sent him there without research the extendable ladders. If I could collapse the legs I could get him back onboard but clicking the button does nothing.
  21. Pretty sure that is not the consensus here. Even if a poll was run (which hasn't happened) it is biased towards forum members as opposed to everyone who plays. We'll never know what the true majority wants. Having said that I don't see a majority of people in this thread posting in favor of Science! in Sandbox.
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