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  1. This is quoted for TRUTH right here. I am working on a long post about this very subject and will upload once I'm satisfied I have reasonably explored the science and science parts available in .22.
  2. Happened to me for the first time the other week. Spooky!
  3. Another way of looking at this - 41 megawatts is about 2/3 of one generator at Hoover Dam.
  4. I've had more designs drift with .22 than with .21 and I know it isn't accidental control input - I only use the keyboard for controls. I don't own a joystick. So when SAS isn't keeping the heading true and my control inputs are that tells me something.
  5. Build a ship with two pods and rendezvous with him. You can at least get multiple EVA reports then.
  6. I think, also, that as things get charted "maximum" science values for experiments will be known for given locations. That will allow sandbox players who want to keep score the ability to do so.
  7. For me putting science in Sandbox diminishes the impact of doing science in Career. It would "harm" my enjoyment of the game because anything I did in Career would essentially be meaningless from a game standpoint.
  8. At the end of the development process Sandbox is not going to be the main point of this game (as far as I can tell). My reasoning? If Sandbox was going to be the main point of the game why is Squad making a Career mode in the first place? Given that it is reasonable that Sandbox would serve a secondary purpose in the final game: the purpose of simulation. Real-world simulations of space missions can be very precise but we don't actually know the results until we conduct the experiments in the real world. Career mode is the "real world" for Kerbals. Saying that challenges like, "collect this many points using only these parts" won't be possible is silly and wrong. Anyone who has worked all the way through the tech tree will be able to do exactly that. Secondly, do you think Squad cares more about forum challenges or a challenging Career mode? Suggesting that science points be cut off after the end of the tech tree is equally silly: We've been to the moon and have better technology now - does that mean a manned landing on the moon would result in exactly 0 new information? No. Logic dictates that should also be the case in KSP. There are other issues with Science! in the game but I don't see not having access to experimental results in Sandbox to be one of them.
  9. I have noticed that the thermometer doesn't return a value when sampling in a hard vaccum (100km or more above Kerbin).
  10. Quoted for truth. And think of the awesome screenshots we could get. Progressively better cameras with higher resolution (the first ones maybe only B/W and grainy)...mmm!
  11. If you attach science experiments to your probe it can still run the experiments are send the results back via an antenna.
  12. I am loving it so far. Progressing hasn't been difficult but it has been fun. And it has given me a reason to visit different parts of Kerbin that I've never been concerned about before.
  13. Can't run the patcher standalone without IT approval at work (even though I am using it in my classroom to educate my students) and there are no IT people on campus ATM. No worries though; it'll be downloaded onto my personal laptop tonight.
  14. Still muertoed. Guess I'll try again when I get home in 4 hours.
  15. Server crash... download stopped, unable to restart.
  16. I noticed that too. Almost got Ninja'd by you there! So amusing that their worse nightmare is their own creation...
  17. That's truth. I still have over an hour to go... Still, glad that it is released!
  18. Also notable is that it has no way apparent to land back on Kerbin...
  19. That's a high-gain antenna that is deployed during data transmission.
  20. Now the real waiting an nail biting begins...24 hours away...
  21. Weekly up with the date 10/16/13...an actual date?!?!
  22. KSP Weekly was released last week at 3pm according to what I saw. 5 hours ago they posted about the chance to win a copy of KSP on Facebook. I think I need to step away from the computer - seeing when it updates is driving up my blood pressure!
  23. I dunno...they managed one last week after they had changed staff...
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