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  1. I frantically refreshed the forum looking for news of .22.
  2. I've been watching anxiously for one...
  3. I know that my first Munar landing science mission will be at a Mun arch to see if there is an increase in Science points.
  4. Which is the point of the thought experiment in the first place - to point out the absurdity of applying quantum mechanics to everyday scenarios.
  5. If the product is a pre-release then I don't see a problem with Squad clearing every video. A post-release video shouldn't require review but if something isn't public then you bet the producers are going to want to clear it first.
  6. What I really am hearing from most people who say they want science in Sandbox is, "I like Sandbox and I don't want to play Career to get the science results!" Sandbox is where people can go and screw around. As a scientist I can tell you that you don't get experimental results when you are just screwing around. I haven't heard a counterpoint (good or otherwise) to the idea that Sandbox is like the simulations that IRL space agencies do - therefore you can't know the actual results until you send the mission. Anyway, for those that use Sandbox for role playing, doesn't this open up more options? I mean, you won't be limited to just what the flavor text outputs. You could have any sort of result you want if you are RPing.
  7. Simulated some science missions for .22. I really can't bring myself to do anything else - I can't wait for .22! I've got a craft in orbit around Eeloo and another en-route to Dres and I just think, "Meh." Science!
  8. I seriously could care less about the font. I have a secret hatred for people that care a bunch about typography. Unless it is unreadable I don't care. I also don't expect others to share my opinion!
  9. Not sure if you saw my point but this is not 100% accurate. Sandbox is like the testing that the space agencies do, true, but we don't actually know the results of those experiments for sure until we actually do the mission IRL (Career Mode). Keeping science out of Sandbox is exactly analogous to what you have stated.
  10. I've noticed that so far from what we have seen the science data do not really help us understand the basics of what these planets are made of and how they formed. I guess we'll have to see though.
  11. I'm sure in the future there will be differences but I was speaking specifically to .22. I should have specified.
  12. I like the idea of there being some unique reward to playing Career mode (which everyone has been clamoring for ages to have). Why not bring the science materials along to see if you can get there but do the science itself in Career mode. People have talked about having saves that are like simulators. Well, now we have a mode that is a simulator. We here on Earth simulated every aspect of the Curiosity rover's mission that we could in real-world and virtual aspects...but we still didn't know the actual results of the science experiments until it was down on Mars. I view Career vs. Sandbox to be the same dichotomy. Someone said, "Why not try and see how many science points you can get for a - altitude Jool sample?" I agree - why not try in career mode? Another person suggested that science points should function like a high score - once you've unlocked the full tree that is what happens in Career mode. In fact the only thing that will differentiate between a fully unlocked Career game and a Sandbox game will be the science points. Are those of you who want science points in Sandbox really saying you want to have no fundamental differences between Sandbox and end-state Career?
  13. Anyone else besides me starting to pre-run science missions in .21 to get ready for the release. I caught part of the streamfest yesterday (and can't wait for tonight!) and am really excited about what all it will bring. Tell me: what have you all flown so far with the Tier 0 parts?
  14. If possible I'd like one of the logo depicted here: http://www.hrwiki.org/wiki/The_Strong_Badian_Administration_of_Some_Aluminum_Foil
  15. Accidentally blew up my Duna rover (Jeb!), walked Jeb back to base, tested some poor micro designs, did a beautiful Mun flyby and KSC landing with my all-stock Winged Kerbali III capsule.
  16. Considering that I still play original Starcraft and GTA: Vice City I would say, yes, the players will still be around in the future.
  17. In other news, inspired by the Winged Gemini mod/Mun mission I decided to create a stock Winged Kerbali and see if it works. Does it ever. On-orbit with maneuvering engine and abort/deorbit solids still attached. Great cross range. It is able to land at KSC here or the island. It is light and maneuverable enough to be able to make a second pass as well. Another quality landing by paleorob. Block 2 version shown with solar panels.
  18. Things are not going so well returning from Mount Kerbal. Fortunately he was able to hike the remaining 3.2km back to the lander. So happy to see it once he got there too.
  19. Drove my 8 wheel mini rover 4.5km across the surface of Duna towards a point I am calling "Mount Kerbal" with the intention of planting a flag there. The rover is currently parked to use again tomorrow. Even two RTGs are not enough to power all 8 wheels at once and only 4 wheels are not enough to climb the hills. So it is slow going (1.0 m/s) up the slope.
  20. My micro Duna mission. Maybe not as small as it can go, but I'm getting there. In orbit, waiting for the departure window. From left to right: crew return capsule, nuclear IP drive unit, reusable lander, 2-seat rover. Nothing like the glow of nuclear engine exhaust out your porthole to remind you that you might never return. Down on Duna after an interesting aerobraking experience. Now to find out if we've got enough gas to get home.
  21. The log called it a structural failure. I would tend to agree that counts as a structural failure. He (and the seat you can see behind him) blew off of my lander as it was decelerating through the Dunan atmosphere.
  22. Someone is in my reserved parking space. My first interplanetary mission in 0.21 was supposed to be a stripped-down deal. A Duna-return mission with two Kerbals. So stripped down I didn't even include RCS, a flight computer (remote guidance unit), or even a command pod. Just seats. Two seats strapped to a rocket. It went fine until I was about 3,000m above the surface of Duna's northern polar region. The log said a structural failure between the Kerbals and their seats. The lander still landed but without even a computer it might as well be junk.
  23. Gagarin Station's construction continues with the addition of the new docking hub.
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