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  1. Laythe. We were discussing if the liquid on Laythe could be water so my first ever Jool system went there. Landed three Kerbals in the ocean and tried to make it a submarine to measure temperature and pressure. Sadly it didn't work too well but I was able to get ~2m worth of depth data from pitching the nose. Rockets make poor boats.
  2. I think a better version of this, instead of asking what skill level people are it would be determining what task is the hardest for "you" to accomplish. It sounds like lots of folks are confident in what they do but they aren't doing one of the "lower level" items. Whether that is because they don't like it or they can't do it is ambiguous.
  3. Pueblo Bonito is complete and waiting for a Dres transfer window to open! I may refuel before departure. This number is slightly skewed due to the fuel tug still being attached but mostly empty.
  4. Pueblo Bonito is complete. The fuel tank's orbital maneuvering pod/engine is still attached. All that remains is to design, launch, and dock a lander. Then the Pueblo Bonito will sail!
  5. This: Docked my Modular Propulsion Unit (Large) onto the Pueblo Bonito. Got the gas can in orbit too - that'll be next in line. Then all I've got to do is decide where I'm going, build a lander for that place, and dock it on the nose. We'll be ready to rock after that.
  6. Just discovered this stuff: http://www.simonstalenhag.se/index.html My friend described it as "retrofuture". Some beautiful stuff and I could see using some of these ideas in rover designs. Examples:
  7. Sent my first fleet of ion probes into orbit. Currently dropping Stargoer III into a low solar orbit. A bit more than halfway through my 3200 units of xenon and my perapsis is inside Moho's orbit. Feeling good.
  8. First Mun trip in .21 Solid as a rock, even with one engine out, at near-orbital speeds. Can't handle for crud when below 400m/s. Something is wrong in the SPH Dagger One (Mk. 2) - a true spacefaring vessel. No way to land but very maneuverable and refuelable. I may use this design as an interplanetary single-person shuttle. Gagarin Station (Mk. 2) begins assembly in orbit. This unit still has the propulsion unit attached. Modular Propulsion System (Large) headed to the Pueblo Bonito, my interplanetary mothership. I started a Pueblo Bonito back in .19 and still haven't managed to finish one. Maybe .21 will be a charm and we'll see the Pueblo Bonito carry 4-5 Kerbals to a distant (not Duna or Eve) planet with a lander to put them on the surface. Maybe. First picture still has the orbital insertion stage still attached. And that about sums up what I've done in .21 since it was released.
  9. Actually, I almost didn't read the article (my friend had posted it on Facebook) because I had the same reaction. "Some group of people think that they are so important that every little thing they do should be protected and that anyone disagreeing with them is 'persecuting' them." I went ahead and read it anyway and it isn't what I was expecting (mostly) and I found it worth my time. I agree with you about not all changes being good. The article deals mostly with how people react to minor changes, for the most part.
  10. Every time there is a new update something is changed (hence an update). Some subset of the players will not like the various changes that occur. This happens after every update. Sometimes things get heated. I read this article today about game development and criticism and thought to myself, "Yes, this kind of reminds me of KSP-fandom's reaction to updates," but also made me think, "Thank goodness KSP players aren't this rude, mean, or violent!" Anyway I thought it might be of general interest so I'm posting it here. Be aware, there is some foul language used in some of the quotes. Forewarned is forearmed. The War on Creatives
  11. Absolutely! The comment about Dres having a magnetosphere is pretty insightful but I'm not sure if the interpretation is correct since it is so small. I think you're correct in saying it has been resurfaced but it may have undergone crustal melt from a large impact OR had a core with vulcanism that lasted past the KLHB (Kerbal Late Heavy Bombardment). Considering that it is smaller than both Duna and Mun, neither of which are tectonically active, it would make more sense to assume it has a dead core (like Duna likely has).
  12. Best comment: "irl lol at SI-C = 64x Jumbo 64 + 26 Mainsails. I know what I'm building tonight!"
  13. Since we are pretty sure that blutonium will be a resource that can be extracted from the oceans of Eve (from the infamous resource chart), I would tend to lean towards the radioiodine atmosphere hypothesis over the atmospheric bioparticulate hypothesis.
  14. Liquid erosion features on the Mun, for example. No evidence of rift or subduction zones on Kerbin. The only planet (outside of Kerbin) that seems to show any variability in its makeup is Duna, but even its features seem odd (polar ice caps of great extent but virtually 0 depth). Without the usual suite of geochemical tools available there can only be speculation on the formation and composition of most of the bodies in the system.
  15. If you start to think about the geology seen in KSP your mind will start to hurt.
  16. Nope. I didn't get a picture of him at his last second before impact either, unfortunately. RIP Bill (until the next incarnation - and this is my "simulation" save at any rate, so I didn't feel too bad).
  17. I have no idea. Maybe the same reason there is a radar altimeter in IVA but only ADL in external. Also, just verified it is in the cupola module too. Seems likely it is in all of them then.
  18. Returning from an unsuccessful mission. Why was it unsuccessful? Observe the main point of the mission - my Space Bike: I think I need to redesign it...
  19. Picolander to the Mun? 0.41T in action! Bill is super excited. Landing was at ~145m/s. Bill bounces though.
  20. Normal maneuver marker: Anti-maneuver marker:
  21. I just discovered this today and maybe this is common knowledge and I'm just an idiot, but in IVA (at least in the 1 man pod) there is an "anti-maneuver-node" marker. It looks like the retrograde marker, except in blue (and is obviously opposite the maneuver node icon). This is not present in external view. I don't recall seeing this discussed. I'm just wondering how widely known/used this is. I could really find it useful in external view as well - sometimes I spend too long hunting for my maneuver node target.
  22. It would be interesting to see if it was visible from the surface. I doubt it because of the 2.5km render limit. Only one way to know for sure...
  23. When you botch the landing, quickload, and find youself back at the launchpad.
  24. Not a notable flag but boy was Thomford pissed when he planted it.
  25. Allow me to present my work on my...well...I dunno. Its a rocket seat, Jim, but not as we know it. Awaiting lift-off. Successful landing? I guess still good... Derhat Kerman = Jeb's new mission partner. Not even joking. I was laughing the whole flight but it reached maniacal levels when I saw he had landed on his face.
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