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  1. The fact it ends with the "In the arms of an angel" picture just tops it all off. What the heck?
  2. Earth. In the game? Duna, then Laythe, followed by Eve and then Moho (the last with many mods in 0.18). In my current save no one has left Kerbin's SoI except in simulation.
  3. I have noticed that the JBB trio's EVA suits do not match their IVA suits, making it harder to tell who is who in EVA pics.
  4. Looks like it went well! Thanks for the heads up.
  5. I've rebuilt a tractor and know how a lathe works. Does that count?
  6. I think the scene were they bump together at the start would actually mean instant death.
  7. They kept mentioning "launch facilities" in a plural sense. KSP2 becomes active in 0.21?
  8. I call it "Ol' Burny", not sure why anyone would call it something else...
  9. Sepratron assisted takeoff looks scary as heck...
  10. These things and more wonders await you on the surface of Mun.
  11. - Searching roadside for parts. Please hold...
  12. They haven't given us the tools to find new planets so it is unlikely that 0.20.2 contains any new planets.
  13. At least in my game this is how an EVA Kerbal walks on the surface when his RCS backpack is turned on.
  14. I remember seeing screenshots of how the new resource detection system would look. On the surface of Kerbin were large areas in varying intensities of purple. I bet that testium was the resource used to create these tests on Kerbin.
  15. Another point - either the scientific instruments are broken OR readings derived from them indicate physical processes that are very much unlike what we have in our universe operating in KSP.
  16. No timewarp mean no magical rotation stoppage. That is a challenge unto itself right there.
  17. Got an interview for a dream job for the summer...but also found out I may not be able to take it due to family stuff. Oh, in KSP? Nothing.
  18. I think using 4chan, den of trolls, as a highpoint of internet communities is...odd...to say the least. This group of folks is alright. Some outright belligerent folks, some calm. Some folks use incendiary language (and don't understand why they get pushback) while others don't state things as clear and forthright as they should. Just like IRL there are a mix of people here. Best communities I've been part of online? Hands down hikearizona.com and the Farmall Cub forums. Never the nastiness that I have seen on here (let alone what is seen on Reddit or 4chan). I don't know if it is because there are other factors tying these groups together (significant time, money, effort, and sweat) whereas this is a single-player sandbox game in development but most of the bickering here isn't found there. Not planning on leaving here any time soon though. The game is too cool for me to get worried about other peoples' opinions on it!
  19. ITT: people who don't like something (bugs/alpha "excuse"/Minecraft/lack of transparency/voices not being heard/voices being heard too much) and feel that their view is the best (if not the only) one to have. Not sure how many minds have been changed here in this thread but it seems like people are pretty passionate about their viewpoints...
  20. I remember back in 0.18 there was a challenge for a prograde-retrograde intercept/collision. Reading over this it seems like that challenge would be much easier now with maneuver nodes.
  21. In space there is something that KSC doesn't want you to know about...something it has been hiding from all astrokerb trainees. Until now...
  22. So where is the link to see what is available so far in order to give feedback upon said items?
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