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  1. I am happy that more countries are giving more attention to space, but sad that people are bringing their nationalism into this. Not specific to this thread, but in general. Great pictures btw. Mars's colors are specially beautiful.
  2. Amazing. I never thought you could even use pwings for something like that.
  3. Honestly, I think the average teen is not interested in such things and would not find KSP interesting. At least outside USA. That is too bad, because KSP is a great game and would be fun for all ages. If I showed KSP to some mates they would probably think it is a little kid's game because of how kerbals look.
  4. I am in love with the new spaceplane parts. I've been trying to find cool ways to destroy building in my sandbox save, and I say, cargo bays and alt node snapping are really, really nice. Also the MK1 textures are really clean and go well with almost anything now. don't mind the extremely pixelated image, I run on the lowest of low
  5. Allow Revert Flights: off Allow Quick Load: off Missing Crews Respawn: off Auto-Hire Crewmembers before Flight: off No Entry Purchase Required on Research: on Indestructible Facilities: off Allow Stock Vessels: on Starting Funds: same as normal Starting Science: 0 Starting Reputation: 0 Science Rewards: 100% Funds Rewards: 100% Reputation Rewards: 100% Funds Penalties: 100% Reputation Penalties: 150% kinda like this
  6. First I will make a bomber then I will try to make a spaceplane capable of delivering satellites, which I will probably fail at
  7. I could help with a Portuguese-BR translation, but the "Help us" link isn't exactly in a very good condition. EDIT: Alright, it seems to be fixed. I am almost finished with the Aero parts.
  8. That still doesn't prove they didn't listen to the costumers. People complained and they changed. Now if they don't change people complain. If they do, people complain. I don't get it. And of course they are going to seek profit, that's just what companies do in capitalism.
  9. It has been long since I played minecraft, but why do people think Microsoft will ruin it? Give them a chance. They may be big but that doesn't make them bad. Microsoft actually listens a lot to the consumers, look at the Xbox One and Windows 8 (and upcoming "9").
  10. I think it looks pretty good. Honestly they only real problem I see with The Sims 4 is the lack of Create a Style
  11. 1,093... This thread has given me the energy to update my profile, it has been a while since I don't touch it.
  12. Knowing EA, maybe that's why they made it free that day lol
  13. Not in my city, not that I know of at least. But I heard there are in others cities in areas where landslides might happen. It's not like we need it that much anyway
  14. I think I-16 is better because it is sexier and because monoplane. But it is your call to make anyway
  15. It wouldn't work? I saw a video saying it would... I assume it is possible, because rockstar social club.
  16. This reminds me I need to get decent hardware ASAP Your loss.
  17. Hail cesarland http://www.nationstates.net/nation=peoples_republic_of_cesarland
  18. 1- GTA San Andreas 2- Ace Combat Zero 3- Metal Gear Solid 3 4- Skyrim 5- Battlefield 3
  19. How about a game like simcity and tropico, with a different than usual thematic (space/post-apocalyptic colony maybe?). I've always imagined a game like kerbal space program (with less drag and drop from part list), where you craft weapons and gear for your military while dealing with the effects of war with an equally powerful neighboring country. The things you can craft would range from small arms to tanks and planes I guess. Imagine dealing with government demands and needs with resources that may or may not be scarce and with the production complexity + costs of each weapon, battling with other equipment producers over government's choice.
  20. As someone running onboard graphics, my processor is "ok" for the physics calculations (could still be a lot better though), but for actual graphical rendering... It lacks, a lot. So I typically run all low with half texture quality and native resolution (my monitor's resolution is 1366x768). It is playable, but could be better...
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