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  1. I have set KSP (1.0.2, off of Steam) to run in full-screen mode (via the options menu) on OS X 10.10.3, on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014). When I bring the mouse cursor to the top of the screen (for example, to pop down the "recover vessel" button), the OS X menu bar and window title bar slide down to cover the top portion of the screen (including the button I am going for). This is the behavior appropriate to an ordinary app that has been made full-screen with the green title bar button, but this is not appropriate behavior for a full-screen game, especially a game that is supposed
  2. I really like this mod, but I'm having a problem with it. I landed a rover on the Mun and drove it about 3km from the landing site. I can find science spots and get ~30-50 science for each of them. However, when I quicksave, accidentally flip my rover, and quick-load, it seems to reset my landing site to wherever the rover is when I reload. The next science spot is reported as only a few hundred meters from my landing site, rather than the 4km or so I actually went. The landing site is not persistent. Is it supposed to do this? Are there plans to make it save the landing site with the save fil
  3. Hello, all! With the new science system in 0.22, I felt like probes couldn't do enough cool stuff. So, I whipped together a quick little part: a probe that allows you to take "Computer Reports", which are exactly the same as crew reports but don't actually require any crew. It's called the "Stayputnik Mk. 2" and it's on the tech tree under "Large Probes", as it's a 2x larger version of the Stayputnik Mk. 1. It may or may not actually work. Let me know if it doesn't work. I can take reports in Sandbox mode and get the messages about how it doesn't actually accomplish anything, but I don't actua
  4. If Spaceport added full project hosting, it could help the community manage vanishing mod authors (for the mods with sufficiently permissive licenses). Making open-sourcing your mod an opt-out feature of Spaceport could vastly increase the portion of mods that the community is able to update. (EDIT: Apparently we do this already. Awesome.) However, the "best" solution to mods going out of date would be stability in the modding API (and good documentation of it to make updating mods easy when the API does need to change). This will (hopefully) happen as the pace of development slows.
  5. This is a known issue. After you spawn the module, switch to the tracking station and back.
  6. My kerbal portraits now flash pink and other colors when I start a flight, and are black (with no kerbal) while the flight is in progress. I installed this mod and the Kerbin City content, but not the beta content. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  7. If you want to make ships cheaper or free in terms of RocketParts, you would have to (in the latest version), edit the C# source. If you want to make RocketParts cheaper, easier to carry around, or easier to make from Kethane, you want to mess with the density of RocketParts in the resource config file, the capacities and starting fill values of the various tanks in their config files, or the number of RocketParts output per cycle of the 3D Printer in its config file.
  8. Can you post the part of the game's log file where starts talking about OrbitalConstruction? That might include some exception information that could help me track down the problem. If you don't know how to do that: 1. Delete KSP_Data/output_log.txt 2. Run the game and do whatever is failing. 3. Upload KSP_Data/outpout_log.txt somewhere where I can find it. The best place for the bug report is probably here: https://github.com/interfect/OrbitalConstruction/issues
  9. Hello, all, I've fixed the issues with the latest Kethane! I've also switched the density of RocketParts to match what Extraplanetary Launchpads now uses (1/400 of a ton per unit instead of 1 ton per unit) and upped the capacities of everything accordingly. Unfortunately, ships in flight will now be left holding 1/400th of the mass of RocketParts they previously had. So sad. I think the Kethane conversion rate is now rather fast, time-wise. Opinions? Download Version 4.2 here!
  10. Could someone write up a guide for how to get to orbit in RemoteTech 2? The default 1s delay even on the ground combined with the lack of the old "MechJeb Control" option make it quite difficult for me. EDIT: More specifically, is there a way to queue a thing to happen at a certain time, like wit the old flight computer?
  11. Can this be modded to supply a station with RocketParts? Or some other resource? Because that would be cool.
  12. Hello, I'm fairly certain that you can't actually prevent people from including Kethane models by reference just by writing it into a license. However, I've put my own placeholder model in instead in version 4.1.
  13. Hello everyone! I've released a new version! It's built against 0.21, and fixes the bugs people were having with mass not updating for new ships and with performance tanking when a spacedock was selected. It also switches the mod over to "RocketParts", and includes a 3D Printer part for making RocketParts from Kethane by unspecified, sciency processes. Download here! There's still no support for Extraplanetary Launchpads' fancy spawning behavior because I don't really understand it and couldn't get it to work in orbit at all. Please let me know if you encounter more bugs.
  14. I worked on the Orbital Construction mod, and I tried making EL pads work in orbit. It spawns the ship at the right place, but the ship is stuck at "ready to launch", fixed over the planet, and refuses to stage, and I had no idea what to do with the API to convince the game that the ship should be flying. I don't remember if I tried setting the orbit, but setting the orbit to the exact orbit of the spawning vessel sounds like it might cause them to intersect. Could you please give this a shot and see if you can get it to work? The whole community would be very happy.
  15. So I've taken a crack at getting this to work in space, by sticking the EL launchpad module on the Orbital Construction SpaceDock Identifier. It can spawn ships just fine, in about the right place, but they get stuck at "ready to launch", and trying to stage won't launch them. Anyone know what method to call to set a ship to launched?
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