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  1. Hello!

    Could you please update the GN Drive mod? There's a proble with the drives that makes a bright large thruster plume appeat under the craft, which breaks use. Thank you!

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    2. flywlyx


      It is packed inside.

    3. TheKurgan


      I don't see them. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. but I have searched the downloaded zip and the source files are not there.


    4. flywlyx


      Ok, I forget to pack them there. The latest one had them packed is 4.1, you could try that one from space dock.

  2. I like the flame pick it looks cool but if possible red flames on yellow backround?
  3. i learned that murphys laws are more likely happen to you if you think about them
  4. Ive read about Nuclear salt water rockets on wikipedia but my brain () did not understood it. can anybody explain in a nutshell what is the Nuclear-salt water rocket about?
  5. well it is hard to serach with a phone (it takes so long to serach something) because my pc cant run the 1st doom
  6. seems like a nice idea but i think some kind of *usefull* (dont take it as i say your parts suggestions are useless) like more crew modules, solar pannels and radiators (station themed RTG?) also more propulsion would be perfect and boosters! cant have enough boosters! also more probe sized parts would be perfect structural parts are a nice idea too!
  7. Yes i agree but as long KSP sound effects are placeholders we wont get it amedialy in the next update, But iam sure we will get the docking effect one day. i agree docking and rezendervous is exiting and the no sound effect is kind of a mood-killer
  8. Im thinking about a some kind of high-tier launch facility in orbit (really high on the tech tree). This facility would be more usefull for building big craft that you would have to assemble in the orbit otherwise. also there should be a small spacestation in keosynch. orbit around kerbin wich you will have to dock stuff in missions and do crew rotations (changing the crew), expanding the station, and de-orbiting if it would be too old to serve its pourpose, and resuply missions. Also some SCIENCE would be pretty nice. this post is SUGGESTIONS FOR CAREER (i know its not implemented YET but it will be) Sorry for typos im not english, great launches, tons of kabooms, and good luck in future development -kopykat
  9. Yes i agree the new space center looks AMAZING! and they did a great job
  10. also did anybody else noticed if you keep the main screen on long enough with the kerbals in orbit you hear a motorcycle? might be changed in 0.21 iam on 0.20.2 because i cant handle 0.21
  11. Jebs legacy (rouge legacy) Kraken the arrival (slender the arival) boom.crash run (bit.tripp runner) probe raider (Tomb raider)¨ JMC: Jeb may cry (DMC: Devil may cry) bills civilization IV (Sid miers civilization IV) Krakens: Kerbal marines ( Aliens colonial marines)