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  1. This is true for me as well, it seems it uses TankContentSwitcher instead of ModuleTankManager. I'm not sure if there's a direct reasoning for this, maybe @allistaknows if support was dropped?
  2. I run a pretty heavy modded install (over 200 mods) and I am plagued by a certain message showing up hundreds if not thousands of times in my log: Input field is focused, disabling keys This is filling up my log, and it is unfortunately not tagged with a mod. Verbose logging has done nothing to find the culprit, and my search through the mod sources have yielded nothing. If anyone has had this show up, and know what might be causing it, please let me know. It's driving me insane(r)!
  3. I play with a quite heavily modded game, so it is possible the craft wouldn't load. You can find the craft here. Unfortunately, I don't have the log anymroe, and I temporarily disabled the mod to be able to cut down on the spam in my log files.
  4. Hey! Just wanted to report that I ran into a log spam issue: This was on an airplane in the SPH, and I had some 5000 of these messages in the log after a 3 hour session in game...
  5. I love you! <3 Thanks for finding the issue and updating this, now I can keep my part count low and make some launchers.
  6. It had EC available... At least 80 units on that part alone, which is enough for several minutes. No, the icon for loss of control totally disappeared - see this screenshot, top left. I should at least have a red icon showing no commnet contact if that was the case. Adding a probe core made it work.. It should be mentioned that there are a LOT of mods in my save, but so far I haven't had any other situations like this.. Thanks, not sure what is happening..
  7. Found an odd bug - if I try to use the Mothra Aerodynamic Fairing Adapter as the *only* probe core on a vessel, I get zero connection to anywhere and the launcher can't be used. However, if I add any other probe core it seems to work just fine controlling from it.
  8. Many thanks for that workaround, saves a lot of reloading time!
  9. I've found that if you type in text, the text disappears, but then you save and reload the craft it is properly rendered. It can be a workaround until a fix can be pushed @cineboxandrew: Small feature request if it is at all possible - could decals be made to not count toward the part limit in the earlier level SPH/VAB in career?
  10. Interesting. Maybe slowly reduce it as you reach altitude? I mean, it would make sense for the balloon to slow the climb as it nears the top. I'll look for the parameter
  11. I will see if there's something I can do, maybe I can do a patch if I figure that part of the source out Maybe a setting in the mod that makes balloons just stay at altitude, allowing the user to decide when to bring them down, or have a timer of some sort that starts "ticking" when the balloon is at the minimum atmospheric pressure... Worth thinking about, I'll look at the source and see what I can do.
  12. Add the part, right click in the flight scene and select "inflate balloon". Done! @linuxgurugamer: I've got a question - would it at all be possible to make it so that a balloon doesn't pop when reaching max altitude, but rather stay at that altitude? I'd have to use Kerbal Weather Project or some engine for them to drift, but it'd be quite nice to have a slowly deflating balloon over X hours instead of *pop* free fall! Thoughts?
  13. I am SO happy that someone is now maintaining this. I am going to get it installed ASAP. Just a side note, it's not indexed for 1.8 on CKAN, but I can get it installed manually no problem.
  14. This could seem like there's something wrong in loading the mod - would you mind attaching the KSP.log file?
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