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  1. I am SO happy that someone is now maintaining this. I am going to get it installed ASAP. Just a side note, it's not indexed for 1.8 on CKAN, but I can get it installed manually no problem.
  2. This could seem like there's something wrong in loading the mod - would you mind attaching the KSP.log file?
  3. Well, you could also implement a fix temporarily: // Add the CNConstellationAntennaModule to all parts contained ModuleDataTransmitterFeedeable i.e. antennas, probe cores and manned cockpits @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitterFeedeable]]:NEEDS[CommNetConstellation,NearFutureExploration]:FINAL { MODULE { name = CNConstellationAntennaModule } }
  4. @linuxgurugamer So, I've been trying to get this set up for dev, but I am completely unable to get this compiled. I keep getting this error: The command "set textTemplatingPath="%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\Common7\IDE\texttransform.exe" %textTemplatingPath% "S:\Games\Kerbal Space Program\Mod Development\Antenna-Helper\AntennaHelper\AssemblyVersion.tt"" exited with code 1. Looking at the prebuild and post build settings, the repo also does not contain the deploy and buildRelease batch files. Where do I find those, and what could be the cause for the error above? Edit: Ok, got it working by forcing it to NOT generate a AssemblyVersion.cs file but rather run the T4 command in the build menu, and then remove all pre-build and post-build stuff. Pull request is up!
  5. I'm planning on making a Kerbalism patch for these science experiments. If you are unaware of what Kerbalism does to science, it makes experiments run over time, and the data is stored on a craft hard drive before it is transferred by antenna back to KSC. For your experiments, how long would you say each of them should run, and what energy drain should they have in the process? I'll sort out data storage amounts based on where they are in the tech tree and such.
  6. Just a thought - is it possible to add a toggle that will hide contract orbits? Map tends to get cluttered when you have lots of contracts planned. It has been done in the tracking station by ContractConfigurator, so the basics should be there I think. I believe this would be an great addition to an already amazing mod. edit: it might be best putting this in Contract Configurator tbh, it already has the artwork for a button
  7. Since ModuleDataTransmitterFeedable is a subtype, would it not be possible to grab derived part types in GetPartList (in AHShipList.cs)? I'm not up to speed on C# coding, but pretty sure you can use Enumerator.OfType<ModuleDataTransmitter> or similar.
  8. @linuxgurugamer There is a compatibility issue with NearFuture Exploration. They replace all ModuleDataTransmitter with ModuleDataTransmitterFeedeable. Do you think it would be possible to add support for this in AntennaHelper?
  9. I don't have a log at the moment but I'll grab one if I can reproduce it.
  10. Not sure what might be causing it, but I am playing with UnKerballed, and I just accepted the orbit (as well as the reach space) contracts. I build a small craft, wrangled it into 73x95km orbit, but didn't get credit on the orbit. On retrograde burn, I also didn't get credit on the sub-orbital for the "reach space" contract. I ended up marking them complete in the cheat menu, but something seems to be wrong here.
  11. I wasn’t aware, but being able to turn science off might be a good way to work around the issues until the mods speak well. I just read the thread on the issue tracker, and it might be a bit before they are compatible Edit: @severedsolo to be fair, if you make it possible to disable the science part, you might as well add the x/day science and construction.
  12. So this mod will do the "trickle" on a given time schedule (either budget ticks or daily, something that I'll let you figure out :P). I like that idea, that is a good compromise between the two mods. Another option would be a toggle to allow bureacracy to function but disable its science system, so you can allocate only between construction and budget (and vice versa maybe, allowing budget/science as a combo, but not construction). Just brainstorming