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  1. Thank you for the tips. I don’t have the game up and running but i suspect I have to figure out the altitude of the Mun as it passes through the equatorial plane of Kerbin. It should be doable. :)
  2. I decided to give this mod a run, and it looks like a lot of fun. However, I'm a little concerned about the orbit of the Mun. Will I still be able to put up stationary satellites without them being pulled by the Mun sphere of influence? What would be the safe altitudes for constellations? I'd math it out, but my math skills are not quite good enough
  3. Hello, In LogConsole, is it possible to specify so that it will always produce a full stack trace for messages, alternatively specify an exact match that will generate a full trace? I'm trying to track down which mod generates a log message, but the short trace doesn't give me the one I'm looking for. @JWSWhich mod did you find as the cause for "Launcher here(in write): False"? I'd like to have a stern word with the developer Edit: If I had spent some time reading the actual documentation, I would know that I can just click a line in the log console. I'll have the mod I'm looking for identified in a jiffy.
  4. Since 1.4.6, it seems that the second I press stage on a vessel created from the VAB, it immediately switches to 90 degrees off and goes boom. Video below: http://i.tivec.org/2019-03-27_19-41-35.mp4 This seems to happen to new vessels built in the VAB as well as vessels in the build queue. Pretty explosions though! Should also be noted I'm using the mod VABReorienter by Snark so the angle it goes off might not be what's expected. Nonetheless, it shouldn't tilt by 90 when launching Do you want me to put it on the issue tracker as well?
  5. That is what is happening. I think I didn't describe it properly. Let's say I have two experiments available. "Deploy All", "Deploy All except EVA" and "Collect All" are visible. When I press "Deploy All", the "Collect All" button disappears. Now, am I mistaken that "Collect All" should also run the experiments before collecting the science data, or should it be available after I have run "Deploy All"?
  6. Alright, thank you for the quick answer
  7. Hello! Just wanted to say I really enjoy this mod and was wondering if it is possible to run this alongside of Kramax Autopilot? I'd like to use some of the features of Kramax (autoland for instance, as well as flight plans with multiple points).
  8. Have I told you that you are amazing with your support of all these orphaned mods?
  9. Something I'm a bit confused about. I modded in a science container to all manned command pods, so that science could be collected from experiments without having to EVA my way around the craft. The "Collect All" button pops up properly and lets me transfer data when I click it, but if there are no science experiments available at this time, the button is no longer there. Is it possible to have this visible at all times, or at least when there are science data in experiments that can be moved to a science container?
  10. Would it be possible to allow us to hide or move the drop down button ? I run a scaled UI, and the drop down covers part of the commnet controls and indicators in map view.
  11. Aha! That's an excellent upgrade to KCT, being able to build vessels you frequently build without having to go to the VAB/SPH. Also, did you see the bug I posted on the tracker? https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/KCT/issues/3
  12. I am also seeing this, and in addition to KRASH, I also see it with CraftOrganizer and KAC since the new KCT update. The settings page for KCT itself is also looking very odd since: It is like the button graphics are removed or "forgotten"... Edit: I also found this in Action Group Manager, as well as ScienceAlert ReAlerted. I've attached the log, but a cursory check doesn't tell me anything that could be the reason for the GUI issues. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yorobitx0edrm64/KSP.log?dl=0 On a side note: What's the purpose of the Building Plans page and how are you supposed to use it?
  13. Hello! First off, thanks for a great mod, it's been of great use for me. I've run into a weird issue where the antenna "discs" are oriented the wrong direction: Any idea what could cause this? It started happening today, and I've been unable to figure out what has happened. Edit: Ok, it seems this is related to the inclination of the selected object (a polar satellite in this case). Would be nice if we could manually change it though.