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  1. In SWE\Configs\photon_corp\rp.cfg, you're missing the { after the first line, causing MM to think it's a root level patch. @PART[PC_1Seg_RSRM,PC_2Seg_RSRM,PC_3Seg_RSRM,PC_4Seg_RSRM,PC_5Seg_RSRM]:AFTER[zRealPlume]:NEEDS[zRealPlume,SmokeScreen,PhotonCorp] %EFFECTS { vs it fixed: @PART[PC_1Seg_RSRM,PC_2Seg_RSRM,PC_3Seg_RSRM,PC_4Seg_RSRM,PC_5Seg_RSRM]:AFTER[zRealPlume]:NEEDS[zRealPlume,SmokeScreen,PhotonCorp] { %EFFECTS {
  2. I was poking around with the mod and ran into this error. After the error, I couldn't close the window anymore. [EXC 16:05:35.356] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object SimpleOrbitCalculator.CalculatorWindow.RenderHohmannTransferArea () (at <53bab64bf3df4e0dbf9aa2bd5113b0a4>:0) SimpleOrbitCalculator.CalculatorWindow.RenderWindow (System.Int32 windowId) (at <53bab64bf3df4e0dbf9aa2bd5113b0a4>:0) UnityEngine.GUILayout+LayoutedWindow.DoWindow (System.Int32 windowID) (at <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0) UnityEngine.GUI.CallWindowDelegate (UnityEngine.GUI+WindowFunction func, System.Int32 id, System.Int32 instanceID, UnityEngine.GUISkin _skin, System.Int32 forceRect, System.Single width, System.Single height, UnityEngine.GUIStyle style) (at <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) I'll take a look at the source later today and see if I can figure out what is going on.
  3. So glad to hear it, and... ... yes, I can imagine. I hate coming back to projects after they've been resting. "Was I drunk when I did that?" So, an idea for the rotational system is to not use direct rotations by single degrees as the button is held, but instead grab the transform you use and modify the quaternion via eulerAngles (https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Quaternion-eulerAngles.html). You can still have repeating buttons and 1 degree on the normal arrows, but you can also directly set snap angles quite easily that way. I'd personally suggest 22.5 degree steps, gives the most flexibility for snapped shots Loving the mod though, and it works great for me on 1.12, though I understand others have problems with certain parts.
  4. It already turns the view by 1 degree, it could simply be changed to a divisor of 90 (like 22.5), maybe on separate buttons.
  5. As far as I understand, KVV works on a camera that is "locked" to an angle rotation around the vessels forward vector, so if you turn the vessel the vector moves the camera around. To make this work with snapping rotation or similar, the camera would need to be separated from the vessel completely. I will fork the code and give it a look, but no promises.
  6. I took a look at the source for rotation, and unfortunately it's a non-trivial change to have precise angles.
  7. Best part of new planets I'm starting a new game with this and MANY other planet packs, so Phybi/Iszmi will be great stepping stones for the rest of the galaxy.
  8. I mean in general - embedded dependencies makes for a terrible time Probably not going to fix the issues you have with those two mods, but for others.
  9. If ZeroMiniAVC has trouble deciding which dll to disable, then the normal user's going to have more trouble, it's going to be a lot of guesswork for which one needs to be deleted. That said, maybe developers can be nudged to include said dlls as a dependency, and not as an embed...
  10. Remove the mod in CKAN, this will have to be a manual install. Make sure you don't remove Kopernicus though, that one is a dependency. The zip file contains the folder Outer-Kerbin-WIP. Open this, and copy the Outer-Kerbin folder you find there over to the GameData folder. The files will not be touched by CKAN updates, unless you install that particular mod from there.
  11. This is only an option if you don't need those for gimbal, so, not a lot to do there if you rely on gimbaling engines for pitchover.
  12. In regards to the rolling mentioned above, something I have noticed is if the rocket isn't released by the clamps on the first stage, GravityTurn will slowly increase the roll instruction to the craft, causing it to roll wildly on liftoff (when the next stage is fired up). I suspect this is a pid controller trying to trend to a 0 value when it is actually unable to do so due to the clamps. A slight roll could be because of lag/stutter when the craft is released, giving the pid a frame or two to figure it wants to trend to a 0. Float values are funky, and a craft can in theory have a slight rotation around the roll axis even though it is reset in the editor..
  13. Keybind is all great but I'd rather not have one (I've got too few keys to cater for all my mods). I checked the code, and there doesn't seem to be a way to fully disable it. Is there a way? If there is no way, maybe this could be an option to add? Granted, it only checks for the keypress when the vessel is landed, but still. // // This defines the key binding to trigger a launch // Change it to whatever you want // GRAVITYTURN { useKeybind = false keycode = L }
  14. Thanks for giving it a look, I hope you figure it out I don't know enough about part creation to find a reason for why it would do this. Only two things I could think of - the nodes for the engines (could the game look at them like leaking for buoyancy?) and the collision box for the mesh. Not sure if they have anything to do with buoyancy at all though. Feels like any part should be able to be buoyant based on the numbers in the configs...
  15. I uploaded another video (Kerbal Space Program 2021.06.06 - to the GoogleDrive link above, empty of all things except electric charge. No parts attached, just the pod. It seems to sink slower, but not enough to stay buoyant. Again, other pods and parts seem to float just fine.. I asked a few people on the KSP Discord to test, and they seem to have found the same issue - I've asked them to post here with their findings.
  16. Is the range addition a flat value? So if the reflector says it adds 15Mm, that's a flat addition? I deleted PartDatabase.cfg and had it regenerate, but no go unfortunately.. Here's a Google Drive folder with two videos - one where I drop the Nereid pod in water using VesselMover, and one where I drop a Squad default pod. In addition I've added KSP.log, the PartDatabase cache, as well as the ModuleManager cache and physics cache. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PS1nVqRc1vySY9Rx_mc5wVbHlqj0EhUS?usp=sharing I am running a quite heavily modded game, but I have also tested this in a test instance where I only had a couple of mods. I have tried with Scatterer ocean shaders and waves disabled, with Scatterer waves, and without Scatterer installed. I have tried using Rational Hydrodynamics (made it worse), and also with ComfortableLanding floats (slows sinking a tiiiny bit, but then it goes fast once it passes 10m depth). I'm out of ideas, maybe you can see something that could be the reason for it sinking, especially since no other pods - modded or Squad - are sinking. I have tested a bunch...
  17. Over the last few days I’ve tried figuring out why I haven’t been able to get the Nereid pod to float. Buoyancy seems off with it and it sinks like a stone no matter what I do. I tried adding the Comfortable Landing buoy part which should keep pretty much anything from sinking but it hasn’t been able to keep the pod above the surface. Has anyone else noticed this and have a solution? Any other pod from other mods and stock that I splash down will bob on top of the water properly.
  18. I came to the thread to report this - I scanned down the planet and found only a single biome. However, after taking a look in the configuration file I have found that the biome color values used are not correctly defined as per Kopernicus' system. It would seem the WIP branch was supposed to be used for the release, but the master/release branch was instead without being merged. Go to the repository, switch to the WIP branch, and download the archive (not the release), this will give you the GameData folder you need. Remove the old, and put the new in, and you should have working biomes.
  19. This is true for me as well, it seems it uses TankContentSwitcher instead of ModuleTankManager. I'm not sure if there's a direct reasoning for this, maybe @allistaknows if support was dropped?
  20. I run a pretty heavy modded install (over 200 mods) and I am plagued by a certain message showing up hundreds if not thousands of times in my log: Input field is focused, disabling keys This is filling up my log, and it is unfortunately not tagged with a mod. Verbose logging has done nothing to find the culprit, and my search through the mod sources have yielded nothing. If anyone has had this show up, and know what might be causing it, please let me know. It's driving me insane(r)!
  21. I play with a quite heavily modded game, so it is possible the craft wouldn't load. You can find the craft here. Unfortunately, I don't have the log anymroe, and I temporarily disabled the mod to be able to cut down on the spam in my log files.
  22. Hey! Just wanted to report that I ran into a log spam issue: This was on an airplane in the SPH, and I had some 5000 of these messages in the log after a 3 hour session in game...
  23. I love you! <3 Thanks for finding the issue and updating this, now I can keep my part count low and make some launchers.
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