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  1. Here you go. I know if it's broken it's okay to move on, just wondering if it's broken or me. I like these repair contracts as it's good practice for orbit maneuvers, and if they all are broken, that would be dissapointing.
  2. Have a contract to repair an antenna . My engineer has repair kits and screwdriver, the part is clickable on, but when I hit the "repair part" tab, it says I need to have a repair kit . Which I do. Bugged? Or am I missing something simple? Thanks in advance for any help....
  3. I always get caught by the Mods and the stock stuff. Works like a charm when you use compatible items. Thank you! Thank you as well. I guess I keep hoping that this last update would have magically managed to merge both mods and stock.
  4. Okay. I've watched what I can find on you tube In this, when they click on the construction tab, it not only shows the Kerbals inventory (jetpack and parachute) but also the inventory of the container. From there, it looks like they can just weld stuff on at will. But when I click on the tab, all it shows is my jetpack and 'chute. The inventory of the container doesn't show up. Also, if I right click on the container and click "inventory" while construction mode is open, I hear the "door" to the container open, but nothing appears. I'm probably missing something super easy here, but getting a bit tired of all the "cool" stuff the expansions gave us that aren't all that intuitive to use IMHO. Thanks in advance...
  5. Yes. I have it in the KIS container. I've maneuvered my really oversized "supply" ship to within 3 meters of the satellite. (That took some doing...next time add rcs instead of cutting down on your engine impulse....) Managed to grab the mite, and it did attach to the satellite (there has GOT to be a better way to move parts around in space!) I got an announcement "we've begun to build in space" milestone, but the contract did not complete. Tried re orienting the mite on the satellite to no avail. Perhaps bugged? Anyway, one would think that when you "grab" something, you can then move your kerbal around with it in your grasp. Much like you can grab a meteorite with a claw and reposition it. Again, may be missing something.....
  6. So lets see. First off, G key to grab. Important . On land, I can manipulate and move the mite a few feet at a time by grabbing and dropping. Thought I had it knocked, then tried it in space. Only lets you drop it a very short short distance (basically on your head), with no real control. I can grab it, but once grabbed, I can't switch back to EVA pack to move around....getting closer, but still missing something?
  7. Okay. Figured out how to put the sc 62 on engineers back. (SC 62 into the IMIC 800, then onto the Engineers back on EVA). Mite rocket still to "big" to fit. Tried moving it on launch pad with 2nd Kerbal, but apparently I don't know how to use 2 to grab and move it. Ah well, will keep trying. Eventually I might get it, but will most likely not realize how I got there! Thanks for the info so far. It has been helpful.
  8. Ahh....so if I'm reading this correctly....I need a storage container that can be detached and moved, that will let the part fit into it? At this point I am using the Imic 800 to carry the Mite rocket. I may be an idiot, but there is certainly nothing about these missions that is....intuitive? I now have my main rocket within 20 meters of the satellite, but still can't maneuver or attach the rocket. Not sure what I did, but at one point it said "too heavy to move, bring more Kerbals". So I eva'd the pilot, and nothing. Ugh. Been playing the game for years, but never really messed with the KIS/KAS, and especially not since they added this type of contract!
  9. Thank you VERY much. You were spot on, and although I couldn't figure out how to swap the KIS repair kits into stock while "docked" with the satellite, I did return to Kerbin, and refly the mission with the kit in my stock inventory. Now...would you like to go 2 for 2? I also have a mission to attach a "mite" rocket to a satellite. I have it in the KIS inventory, I can "pull" it out and get the pop up menu of "rotate, attach to node, drop" etc. However, I find no way to move it from my mother ship to the target some 200 meters away. I also can not add it to my stock inventory...too big. Any help would be great. There aren't any tutorials I can find on Youtube, and nothing really fits the bill in the forums.
  10. I have a contract to repair solar panels. I have repair kits in my engineer's inventory. (Right click on engineer, click on inventory, and I have 2. Also EVA refill and wrench). I can equip the wrench. I can equip the refill. I click on the repair kits, and they say "no action". I'm right on top of the solar panel. I click on it, and it the "repair" tab pops up. I click on that, and in green at top of screen it says "EVA repair kit required". I click and drag repair kit, it gives me options to rotate, drop, place on node etc. What am I missing? Should be a simple fix right?!
  11. That is the exact info I was looking for. Thank you. Wasn't sure if it was given, or earned. Well, here we go again. 10 years of getting so far and basically starting over again! Now, if the folks that made the mods I use would get busy updating to 1.12 life would be good!
  12. Restarting career (hopefully, with this being the last major update, will be the last time I do this). Don't see the fireworks, nor the new transfer planner in the VHB. Are they part of the tech tree unlocks? Or am I just missing something. Thanks for any help in advance!
  13. Yep. Thought about it last night, and realized most of my mods will be broken with the update and would need to be reinstalled when they get updated to 1.12. Should have thought of that right from the start. Mods deleted, game installs in a snap!
  14. gtmex, going to guess it's an issue on our end. Been with this game the whole 10 years, and not once has the blame fallen on KSP. I'm working on 6 hours of letting it churn, and I'm okay with that. It will sort itself out, or someone will give us an idea of what we can do. That said,....nice job over the years KSP! Thanks.
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