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  1. Trying to figure out the fuel transport portion of KAS. I have the RTF in ships inventory, as well as wrench and screwdriver. I can attach the RTF to a fuel tank, but when I try to grab the connection I just get a buzz sound, and nothing happens. I've tried using the ground base, ground pylon and the joint socket as well with no success. I have a stranded ship that I wanted to bring fuel to, and I just can't figure this out. Thanks in advance for any tips.
  2. OMG. Thank you. Dragging for the win. Now I feel really, really dumb.
  3. Kis and Kas have both been updated and files say they are compatible with 1.8.1. However, no matter what I try, I can't drop anything into a container's inventory. Wrench, Drill, etc. Am I missing a setting? Do I need to go into cheats to fix? If someone could steer me, it would be great. No point in researching a lot of higher end stuff unless I can use all the parts that go with it at this point.... Thanks in advance
  4. I did. 2 weeks ago and nothing. So, it must just be me, or someone would have said "yep", still broken. Ah well.
  5. I may be missing something, but just updated to 1.8.1 and still having the issue that all the parts are there, but I can't seem to drop them into the container inventory. Basic SC-62 under a MK 1 pod just to test. Can't drop wrench, KIS manual, or anything else into the container. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Hmm. KIS now updated for 1.8.1. Same issue still. Still can't put any tools, etc into containers......still just me?
  7. K.I.S was updated for 1.8, but does not seem to work with 1.8.1. Items are there, but you can't put them into any containers, nor equip to a crew slot. At least that seems to be my issue. Am I alone, or is this still a "broken" mod?
  8. Thanks for the info, but still no joy. I only have 2 size props available at this time, the small version, and the helicopter version. The latter won't fit. One additional bit of info....I get no engine sounds either. Still barely able to make it to take off speed, and as soon as I do lift off, airspeed drops instantly. Not sure how to post the craft file, as I'm unable to open it myself. Build is basically cockpit, liquid fuel (with only 10% fuel to save weight), enough wing surface to give lift and control surfaces. Also the first turboshaft engine available through research. Need science points, but hard to do when they now are asking for elevations above 18K, which the Weesley won't handle.
  9. Humbling experience so far. I've built a simple test plane. Turbo shaft engine, 2 blades, fuel, tail, elvons and wheels. I deploy the props, crank up the torque limit and head down the runway. By adjusting the deploy angle, I can work up just enough speed to take off. From there it goes down hill. Airspeed drops quickly. No amount of deploy angle/torque limit etc seems to allow me to maintain airspeed. What am I missing? I've tried adjusting authority limiter and brake on the turboshaft and no go. Also, for some reason the B key (brakes) also kills the engine. I can figure out almost all aspects of space travel, but this is stumping me. Hate being limited to the Weesley engine as I can't climb past 10K or so. Thanks in advance.
  10. That is definitely detailed. Thank you. I would have had no clue where to start.
  11. Where does one check for version compatibility? I don't see that info on the Tweakscale page. I'm not a huge mod user...just some basic ones that seem to make things more enjoyable so I've never really paid attention to the finer details. Usually most of the mods I use are the most "popular" and seem to be updated and fixed really quickly. I deleted the recent version, as I'm content to wait for things to settle down and get fixed. I was just surprised that an update to a mod made after the expansion would still have issue is all.
  12. So after the 1.8 update, I deleted all mods so I could get the game running. I've been dropping in at Curse Forge since then checking on "latest updated" mods. Mechjeb is working but Tweakscale, even though it shows it was updated after the 1.8 release, still causes a "Houston we have a problem" nag during the loading screen. Did the normal down load, drag and drop to game files. Am I missing something?
  13. Doh. Yeah, that was the issue. Forgot to delete the files in the steamapps. Thanks!
  14. Started the game yesterday, and load screen hung up at verifying expansion. Let it hang there for over 5 hours and nothing....still stuck on that screen. Deleted game, saves, mods etc, re installed from Steam, and tried again. Still stuck on verifying expansion screen. 2 hours and counting. Am I missing something?!? Thanks in advance,