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  1. I also briefly played the 2.2 version, due to naively trusting CKAN. To me the new science system felt like it cut against one of the things I like about this mod. Namely that "the need to repeat the same experiment in a situation multiple times has been removed" (from here: This is especially evident in early career science-ing, needing multiple launches to get a full crew report doesn't feel like the right kind of challenging. This probably just comes down to balancing the time needed for an experiment to fully complete. Maybe it should scale with the bodies science multiplier ( That way early kerbin experiments are faster, but later outer world experiments are slower.
  2. In CKAN, in the Settings Menu, there's an entry 'Compatible KSP versions'. That brings up a dialog of versions for CKAN to consider 'compatible' with your installed KSP version. I manually added the version '1.4.9' to the list and checked the box for it in the list. After that EVE showed as installable, which let me install SVE.
  3. I was able to install via CKAN just now It took some fighting, I had to add 1.4.9 as a compatible version so it would install the right EVE dependency.
  4. I really like this mod, but I recently noticed that if I try to play a scenario with it installed I'm stuck skipping physics frames (yellow MET clock) and a number of controls don't work. KSP logs show an exception in the KERBALISM.Reliability.Update() function. This exception seems to occur every 2-3 milliseconds. [EXC 21:59:18.739] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KERBALISM.DB.Vessel (.Vessel v) KERBALISM.Reliability.highlight (.Part p) KERBALISM.Reliability.Update () I attached the full logs to a github issue:
  5. I was using a similar design to get 'high altitude' reports at kerbin. It could cruise at 9-10k pretty easily and then use 'Thuds' to ascend to 20k+ (never hit 70k like that screenshot, probably too much science mass). Post 1.0.3 it can barely reach 5k, and certainly can't cruise there. I tried swiching to a 2 jet design, and that did improve things, but not quite enough. Cruising altitude is maybe 8k, but the rocket ascent only hit's about 16k since it starts off too low and too slow. Some more tweaks may get it over the threshold, but I'm taking a moment to pour one out for my little 30 part science planes As a side note, does anyone know what the Wheesley's thrust on the runway was in 1.0.2? In the latest version it seems to top out at 75kN.
  6. I just tried that out, and it seems to work. Craft are controllable again, and Kerbin is its normal non-luminous self.
  7. I have that bug as well. It's reported on the bug tracker already. I was able to fix my game with this: So far so good, no more stuck physics or glowing fireball planets.
  8. On one of the bug reports, they're asking for an un-modded save which is experiencing this bug. Can anyone on this thread upload their's to:
  9. Yeah, same bug reported for unmodded games. I stopped playing hunt and peck with mods when I saw that. Hopefully a fix will be forthcoming.
  10. Same issue here. If this is hitting unmodded installs as well, I'm going to stop uninstalling stuff and wait for a patch.
  11. I'm having the same issue. Looks like there's a bug already filed:
  12. I was at PAX East and took part. The tournament was a lot of fun, KSP can be a surprisingly social game when played in a LAN setting. The organizer mentioned he'd put a post on Reddit describing the outcome more fully, but I thought I could add some of the details y'all are interested in. Yes, the limit was real world time. The tourney was scheduled for 3 hours, but we only had 2.5 or a little less to allow for judging. During that time there was a brief setup period, in which you could configure KSP's settings, and re-familiarize yourself with the game. Once that was over, everyone started a fresh sandbox save and went at it. You could build and launch as many things to as many places until time was called. No mods were allowed, and all craft had to be built fresh in that save file (no stock ships allowed). Apart from that, you could use any internet reference you needed, form the wiki to phase angle calculators. Quicksaving and reloading was permissible. Kerbals had to be EVA'd on the surface, I believe because the scoring was done via a save file parser. 'Splashed-down' kerbals did not count, so your landings had to be on dry land (this made Laythe somewhat more difficult). The winner had about 600+ points, achieved by landing 300+ kerbals on Eve. In retrospect, Eve was probably the way to go, since it's low dv, and easy to aerobreak at. I personally was only able to clock in 55 points, landing an 11 kerbal colony on Laythe. The organizers encouraged all the players to take as many screenshots as we could, that they might accompany the after action posts. I personally really want to see 300 kerbals standing (or perhaps just piled up) under a purple sky