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  1. Unfortunately, the dark mountains pop in at 10km altitude - still with the latest build of scatterer and eve:
  2. With fly through the atmosphere it seems to be something doesn't fit correct: or maybe an EVE problem?
  3. Actual you can do all this with the mission editor in KSP - the only thing whats here a little bit long-winded is to copy paste the craft file from Mission to savegame and back...
  4. I've updated the picture a very little bit. (wing tips offset, solar panels corrected)
  5. The "water" on Eve (and Kerbin?) also seems to need a major overhaul (or still needs scatterer...) Nevertheless - new planettextures look really great now!
  6. it wasn't me. That was Bob's fault...
  7. What great idear - would love to find some Kerbal-like monsters there
  8. They are made with 3dsmax, photoshop and a lot of workingtime
  9. So many phantastic images here! Here comes two of mine:
  10. I love the new revamps - Looking forward to see Laythes beaches...
  11. My 2 questions are: Will the "anomalies" from KSP1 still exist? Will there be new alienartifacts on new planets? Is there life more than trees and cactus and Kerbals in KSP2? Can the Kerbals find something out there?
  12. Actual he only can turn his head a little bit and make one Step. If the second leg is moving, he wants to lie down... Is really tricky to create a good walking cycle with 3 legs... I will keep trying
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