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  1. I have builded my eagle lander in 1.4.1 - in the 1.4.1 everything works fine. But now in 1.4.2 - the legs are unuseable. I made a short video of this issue. (craft file I will upload later)
  2. My "Eagle" Munlander has now also exploding legs if they have contact with the ground. In 1.4.1 all was nice - in 1.4.2 they are not usable yet... Modlist: EVE, TextureReplacerReplaced, DraggableNavball, Chatterer, SmokeScreen,PlanetShine The same happens if I delete all Mods and try it in Stock...
  3. Yes. I use the 1.4 version of smokescreen and the RealPlume-Stock version from spacedock and quantumpions cfg for the new parts
  4. KnutG

    [1.5.1+] NASA CountDown Clock Updated

    I have tested it - in my case i can not add stage numbers - they don´t be added if i click on the stage numbers... Edit: It works - to add the stages you need to click on the engines of the stages not on the numbers...
  5. If i try this, the new engines are without smoke... it seems the .cfg are without wordwrap and the effects are in // ? Edit: Sorry - this was my mistake - the solution was to add the RealPlume-Stock folder in the gamedata folder. (this wasn´t here in the downloadsection but in spacedock was all what i needed)
  6. KnutG

    No helmets in IVA view since 1.4

    It works! With a little modification the mk1 pod is with helmet inside: @INTERNAL[KV?_IVA|MK2POD_IVA|MEM_IVA|mk1PodCockpit] { @MODULE[InternalSeat],* { @allowCrewHelmet = true } } (make a *.cfg file with the code in it and put this in GAMEDATA folder with ModuleManager) In the MEM, the standart helmets seems to be a little bit too big...
  7. KnutG

    No helmets in IVA view since 1.4

    Possibly you can change an entry in a configuration file so that they have her helmets on? Like here:
  8. Since version 1.4 Kerbals in IVA seams to wear no helmets anymore. Is there an option to let them put their helmets on as before?
  9. Has anyone get the DLC as early buyer for free? - Dosnt work for me...
  10. restart steam will help for free dlc ! - no its only the 1.4.1 update...
  11. Will this work on Steam automaticly for pre April 2013 buyers, or will we get a new key from Squad today?
  12. Big News! Thanks for your work Squad - looking forward to see the game in german language
  13. I did not want to insult anyone. If i have done this than sorry. I think whats Maschbauer means is that german (also like french) will not only spoken in his main countrys - german also is the language in Austria and Switzerland - French speaks a great part of the world. Therefore the most other games are translated in this languages first. Another point that speeks for this translation is that here you can use letters - for chinese and japanise you need to convert all in logograms whats really more difficult and no one should wonder about the long time of developementr in this languages. The third point is that a german translation mod already exist from the german KSP forum. But as they want to provide this to Squad - they say that they dont want this. I think actual Squad is not as professionell as we think. But no matter - KSP is also nice in english and we all can play this - looking forward what happens in the future.
  14. I never wrote that someone is unnormal - maybe this is a misunderstanding of my wrong english - With your other points you are right. I hope no one will be angry if he read my posts or feels like The only thing that I will say is that KSP is a nice game in a early beta phase and we must life with this. In my dreams the promises from the original Squad team comes reality - like moving and interacting in IVA or Observatory or more planets / moons. I have always a good time with the game but its not finished. And many people here can have another meaning - Nevertheless, with my 1000 hours of playtime I think I have the right to say some critical stuff here. So let´s looking forward to the DLCs or KSP V2 ...