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  1. stanonwheels

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Messing about photoshopping backgrounds into KSP pics today. Not a bad result.
  2. stanonwheels

    [Showcase] Showoff Your Rep-Worthy Crafts

    Put a few planes by the runway today to see what it looked like. Lucky the KSP-white parts look quite similar to the 50s RAF anti-flash.
  3. stanonwheels

    Poll: Kerbal Space Program's Mun Landers

    Well, the rescue ship got there and back anyway.
  4. Thanks man, appreciate it - Sorry I didn't reply, completely missed your post. Fixed the P.1154 link, and here's one for the latest version of my weird not-quite TSR2 too - Craft File - Needs B9, LLL and Procedural Dynamics
  5. More old jet stuff, just found an album of a Hawker p1134 I built ages ago on imgur. No craft file sadly, think this was about four or five fresh installs ago
  6. Messing about with Lack Luster Labs parts tonight, made a slightly boxy English Electric Lightning that doesn't immediately blow itself to pieces. - Craft File - Requires LLL, B9, Procedural Wings
  7. stanonwheels

    [Showcase] Showoff Your Rep-Worthy Crafts

    I design my entire space program to look like it could have been launched from Boscombe Down in about 1965. Massively impractical, but makes for some nice screenshots.
  8. stanonwheels

    SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

    Thanks man, it's got loads of old crap on it - B9 and KW, Lackluster Labs parts, Wayland station rings, Starvision Flags and Mechjeb. Helped to have the Welding mod too, would have been about 600 parts otherwise
  9. stanonwheels

    SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

    Decided I need a new 0.23.5 station to test SSTOs with. Might build something a bit smaller, pulls about 8fps with a big space-plane attached.
  10. stanonwheels

    Would You Want a KSP Movie to be About?

    An epic biographic of Jeb, Bill and Bob on a broquest to the stars.
  11. I'm absolutely not addicted to B9 fuselages. Not at all. Octagonal Concord is go. - Craft File - (Needs B9 and Procedural Wings)
  12. stanonwheels

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    First properly functional SSTO I've built that works with FAR. Very happy
  13. stanonwheels

    SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

    Gemini station, in high Kerbin Orbit. Some fine real estate, time-shares available at highly attractive prices (watch out for giant asteroid worms).
  14. One for aircraft perhaps?!?p=1085796 Useful lists by the way, you've cost me an entire afternoon browsing smart stations.
  15. Had a go at a P.1154 too - think I might revisit it as soon as a decent VTOL mod pops up, the B9 bits are still a bit too broken to work properly with my other 5,000 mods - Craft File - (needs KW Rocketry, Procedural Dynamics, B9 and Firespitter to work)