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  1. I'm trying to attach a magnet or harpoon to the wintch (RW 50) in space but it is always attached upside down to the winch and it is not possible to rotate the part. what am I doing wrong? https://picload.org/view/drpraaor/screenshot3.gif.html https://picload.org/view/drpraaoa/screenshot4.gif.html
  2. Hi, since today I have no sound on useing the stock jetpack. Did not change anything in mods or game?!
  3. oh boy..... PLEASEEEEE you are right how stupit can one be... *shoots himself straight to Jool* Thanks, and I changed the screenshot link
  4. I have to position a satelite around Kerbin. In my opinion the orbit fits perfect the contracts specs but it woun't count?! Please can somebody tell me what is wrong and how can I fix it? See attached screenshot. Thanks Simon
  5. As the title says, is it possible to refuel eg. by mining on distant planets without the use of mods like Kethana. I'm in career mode but not jet fully researched. greetings Simon
  6. Hi all, Kerbal is becoming more and more a finished game, but I still miss infos about my ship in hangar. It still is only on try and error base if the ship will make it to the stars or not. Or do I simply not find this infos, how heavy is my ship how much thrust do I have, is it enough to exit Kerbal gravity... Or how about preflight planing of flight route...
  7. as titel tells. I need an addon to do the math, tell me weight and deltaV of my constructions. By now I only do it be try and error
  8. I know there are plugins to magicaly transfere fuel between nearby ships ("quantum resource transfer", "Merlin's"), but I also read that its possible to transfere fuel between docked ships but... 1. I dont know how or do I still need a plugin for this? 2. I thought I also saw a screen shot where a Kerbal eva a fuel hose to a ship. Any suggestions on this?
  9. I try to put 2 solar panels symetric only on the left and right side of my satelite, so I change symetric mode acordingly to two. BUT when I try to position it on the body symetry mode automaticly changes to 4 sided? Why is this and how can I stop it from doing so? Only way I figured out right now is to put it one by one in single "symetric" mode. But this is annoying
  10. ok I built a nice rover and now need to shoot it to the mun I also have a nice transporter design. The question is: Is it somehow possible to "load" the rover design to my transporter design or do I have to rebuild the rover in the transporter design? I new to the game do you have any addon suggestions?
  11. how can crew change from comando pod to landing unit in space? Do they have to leave and reenter by a trip through space?
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