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  1. BTW the F-15 has had 0 air to air combat losses. Suck on that
  2. And I can't even make a proper helicopter. A thousand internet cookies to you, Trollkowski!
  3. I understand where a lot of you are coming from. I'm crazy anxious/depressed and in 7th grade. Suicide probably 3rd most common thought in my head. People say how school isn't hard. It isn't. It overworks and stresses kids who really don't need stress in their lives. Every day I think about bullying and ditching school. I would give anything to live the way I want. The public school system we have is ineffective, wastes money, time, effort, and freedom of children and adults alike. Look up school sucks on Youtube. The video is a bit libertarian, but really makes good points as to the origins of school.
  4. Also found out it can land on water and take of again, which is a little weird but ok... Please a download! That thing looks awesome!!
  5. The bt could i get a download for the stock plane
  6. Lol I'm literally waiting, not even playing, just waiting. FOR A MONTH. (p.s. it's probably coming out on the 22nd.)
  7. I'm just messing around with rovers on my minmus lander fleet.
  8. 1. GTA V 2. Battlefield 4 3. KSP Updates 4. ARMA 3 5.Battlefield Bad Company 3 (if they ever release it)
  9. People recommend me to sci-fi genre books, tv, video games, and movies and I hate it all! I don't know why but I just don't like lasers and photon whatevers, and people get really angry when I express my opinion. Is it me or them? (And no, I don't like EVE online.) By the way I don't hate all sci-fi, but just a lot of it.
  10. Did you see that russian dog experiment in the suggested videos? oh my god. They severed a dogs head off of its body, pumped blood and air into it head, and it reacted to sound, feeling, and sight. It's horrifying.
  11. National Geographic, Discovery, The "History" Channel, all of these channels have crappy shows all about stupid people, stupid things, and the channels are only getting worse. I don't watch T.V anymore.
  12. I agree. Remember those awesome rovers that looked like cars? *sobs*
  13. Interstellar means between two solar systems. Not planets/moons.
  14. I'll post a lander once I'm finished landing it and maybe testing some stuff.