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  1. Are there any mods that add more space station parts? I used to use FusTek station parts but sumghai has halted development. Is there any other mods that add a ton of station parts like his?
  2. I intend on putting my Jool station between Vall and Laythe, as they will be my most visited moons. I have a station around Duna which acts as a Kethane storage facility for m Duna and Ike miners.
  3. I seem to be having a bug, after reading this thread. My hab module always starts out as inflated and it doesn't have a text option to deflate it. It does the inflation animation in the VAB and is inflated on the pad. Whats the deal?
  4. Where did you get those tanks? Stretchy Tanks?
  5. 22. I build my lifters to look like real rockets, no matter how big they are. My stations and probes on the other hand, are a mess of spacetape and other parts.
  6. Currently designing a 130 ton to LKO lifter with KWRocketry and other mods. Its a big pain in the butt. I intend on lunching large station peices with it, and interplanetary cruisers. I'm proud that my rocket actually looks like a rocket, and not a bunch a fuel tanks taped together with space tape. Pic: 8 Solid boosters, 4 large 3.75 meter liquid boosters using the Wildcat, with a 3.75 meter core stage with a Griffon XX engine. All firing at once.
  7. I can vouch for lights on lowering performance. If I turned mine on on my old station my FPS would go from 5 to 1.
  8. Some of my mother's BigFish games I-Spy games use the same tracks as KSP, I assume they are public domain.
  9. Are better textures going to be comming soon? The Octo-strut station modules are really lacking. Otherwise, great pack!
  10. Ladies and gents, I give you Space Station Beta: I used Fustek, FustekX, KW Rocketry and KSPX to build this thing. Space station Alpha was moved to a 200 km Munur orbit after the completion of Space Station Beta. The last 2 pics show the refuler craft filling up the RCS tanks. The first crew is expected to arive tomorrow!
  11. Thanks guys! I did the math from purple target's video to calculate the semimajor axis of a 9 hour circular orbit around Kerbin and got 3947 km. Launched a ship, put it in orbit, got a (almost) perfect 9 hour orbit!
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