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  1. Well... I had a dream that Squad kept their word and released KSP 1.2 beta not only on Steam, but also in KSP Shop... But I know it's only a dream...
  2. LOL... you are right... in KSP 1.0.5 it was so tiny ;-) I've added second screenshoot - the difference is huge! I guess Squad's selfesteem has grown significantly with this KSP release
  3. Hm... this is what i've found... I guess, it's not what they've hidden, because it was way too easy to find... Nevertheless i'm curious whether this stone has any special meaning...
  4. I can't imagine playing this game without at least a few mods... ... Well, in fact I can, but I don't like this.
  5. Yesterday i killed Valentina and Jeb (2 times) and i feel terrible with it... So... how many Kerbals did you kill?
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