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  1. I've noticed the bomb aimer doesn't like to show up on craft with multiple stages until all stages have been fired. Also, if I release my bombs from any altitude when the aimer says 'bombs away', they end up about a kilometer short. I start dropping bombs after the aimer has completely passed over the target. So if you have an ejection system, it had better not be on a bomber, or you'll need to get really good at eyeballing-it. In other news, I rolled out zekes' P1000 Ratte today, dropped some bombs on it. Structural panels are really tough. Like, really tough. Bombs tend to fling your target ridiculous distances, though seeing a 1000+ part tank sail through the air with all the grace of a ballerina is just amazing.
  2. Don't really know what to call it. Has room for two torpedoes at the bow, cargo space for a big orange tank. Took 3 launches, and I could add on more segments... But it's already a lag-monster as it is. Before that, the ill-fated Pangolin Spacetrain. Not enough POWAH.
  3. Varyon

    5-Kerbal High Stability Transport

    Do very much want.
  4. Projectiles pass through stock parts. Installed on top of lots of mods, saw the problem, started over fresh, same problem. They impact on armor just fine. Everything is in the right place, but I can see the particle effects hanging out a few meters behind the part I'm shooting at.
  5. This may be the coolest thing. Ever. Of all time.
  6. Varyon

    the MEGASHIP thread

    I've come out of hiding with something pretty cool! What does it do? Heck if I know, it has more delta-V than it has thrust and accelerates almost as fast as my grandmother's walker. But it's pwetty!
  7. Plenty of the "Rocket Builders" are sorta in-character, so relax and enjoy the awesome airplanes. Does Prokhogorsk export these aircraft, by any chance?
  8. Varyon

    I'm going to 3D print your spaceship and send it you

    Second the motion to do something from Macey's series.
  9. Varyon


    Absolutely do want.
  10. Can't forget the beast that is KIDI, Zekes makes some terrifying stuff. And other amazing awesome people too.
  11. It is definitely an SSTO, but it has serious balance issues during orbital maneuvers. The center of mass is below the center of thrust, and it just tumbles with the aerospikes on. This is without a crew, don't know if Kerbals have mass, but if they do this issue will most definitely be much worse. It does look awesome though, so that's something.
  12. Varyon

    Star Wars YT-2000 Light Freighter

    Oh man, I absolutely want this.
  13. Varyon

    Post your KSP Slang here

    "Great Success" - "Catastrophic Failure" The two are mostly interchangeable.
  14. Varyon

    Closest Encounter With Space Junk

    Had an old prototype submission for the Spiritwolf thread floating around in an eccentric, inclined parking orbit. Thought to myself, "Self, one day that old abandoned 700+ part behemoth fully laden with fuel is going to cause a problem." I then retorted, "Dude, have you seen the orbit it's in? I couldn't hit that if I tried." At the time, my self appeared to agree with me. I'm not a smart man. Fast-forward about two months real time. I have a space station loaded up with Kerbals, many of whom were crew of the aforementioned abandoned spacetrain, as another sort of experiment. As the empty crew shuttle pulls away, I notice a little blue icon off in the distance. I think to myself, "Self, why is there a flag in orbit?" I know that this is impossible, and so I am puzzled for a moment. It then occurs to me that bases are labeled with a blue square. "Self," I think, "wasn't that 700+ part monstrosity labeled as a base?..." Oh... Kraken... The shuttle has a crew capacity of 11, including the three operators. There are 8 Kerbals on the station. The station is over 300 parts, the shuttle more than 100, and that Kerb-made comet is approaching with alarming speed. Almost a kilometer per second and increasing. The last Kerbal is halfway to safety when the beast enters physics range. He barely gets onboard when the armored spacetrain collides with my station. Both Hitchhiker modules aboard are vaporized. The shuttle jams on the RCS to get clear, but is clipped by an orange tank covered in structural panels. 5 minutes later, 11 Kerbals at KSC are huddled around a keg of chlorophyll, trying to laugh off their latest escapade. Three of them will never fly in space again. My former parking orbit has been compromised. New parking orbit is now at 200km. The spacetrain 'engine', being armored to withstand these kinds of impacts, is mostly intact. I still get a close encounter with the debris cloud every once in awhile, but the odds if being hit again are astronomically low... right? In my rush to get my crew to safety, I forgot to take pictures, but the colliding object is somewhere in the Spiritwolf/Hanland submission thread, by the name of the Pangolin Armored Spacetrain.
  15. Varyon

    Tank for kerbal.

    These are absolutely amazing. I just slap a GAU on one of Zekes' tanks and call it a day. Edited due to loss of relevance.