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  1. Thank you for all the replies, Yeah I mean I an enthusiast for Astronomy but know little to nothing about aerodynamics or rocket design. A lot of the parts I'm sure are (obvious) for people in some type of engineering, shoot! maybe even shop class in grade school but I really don't know much unless its obvious...like dead obvious lol Hopefully they keep that in mind for KSP2. I mean I get a lot out of watching videos, its just a lot to take in sometimes XD
  2. Hello, Recently I started playing KSP again and quickly I realized why I stopped in the first place lol Items have little to no description or are extremely vague on what they are used for. I was wondering if there was a mod/video series that cover what the different items do and maybe examples of how they do it. Id appreciate the help. I really enjoy this game and would like to have a better understanding of what I am doing. Thanks for your replies ^_^
  3. Hello Everyone, I am very new to KSP and I am totally clueless on how to go about beginning this game or simulation. I am very much interested in learning but as I said I don't even know where to begin if anyone can point me to some useful new player tutorials or help me out themselves I would greatly appreciate it.
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