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  1. LOL . Cool beans I found that tutorial this evening, haven't had chance to dig right in to it yet, kids don't know when to keep quiet.
  2. well i do have visual studio not sure if i need anything else, I'v been reading all day, a learning curve it is going to be, I am looking forward to it. I was not to sure if I'd could try and fix it without the source code, do you know where I can find all i need and maybe a tutorial? a lot of the stuff i found is a bit outdated. On the plus side I'v got the descent modules not crashing . It is something I guess.
  3. @4x4cheesecake Oh wow thanks, I did not expect all of that. So I know what mod is crashing the game, it is the sovietpack I did so far.... at least I'm hoping I'v found a fix to it. I'll know more in an hour as it take me a bit to go through the .cfg's Once again thank you both very much for your help.
  4. Thank you very much! what should I look for in my logs? So I try and find it myself first before bugging you all.
  5. I had just started the game nothing more. Im not to concern about the crash I just want to upload it so the devs can see if there is a prob, and thank you for the link.
  6. so my game crashed and gave me a pop up, suggesting I upload the dump and log files just not to sure were I should post them.
  7. I do have both of them mods as well the big problem is the parts are just not showing up. I'll look in to your link as well thank you for you time.
  8. @Snark sorry I'm a bit sick, brain not working . Some of the parts I want to keep using will not show up in game, I'v had to put all my old parts in to the part folder in the ksp folder, to keep using them. as an example would be this one of many others. @Tonka Crash Thank you, I have compared some of my parts and have edit them as you suggested; some of what I'v done has worked and some not so well. So when I'm compare my part.cfg to Squad, I have made changes to have the same format. Not sure if this is necessary or as long as I have the parameters in place the format is not as important? FYI when I talk about the "format" I'm referring to how they look when i compare them, so they look same, if that makes any sense. you will see in the pic the left is my old part and the right is that of Squad. P.s Sorry guys I have dyslexia, so I'v tried to make this as clear as I can. and not worries this is not the first time.
  9. Hello and good day. I'v not played much lately, and iv seen the game is being updated a lot. So here's my request, I have a bunch of really old parts I'd like to keep using, there are no .dll in my parts just .pug, .dds, .tga, and the .cfg. if you need more info please let me know. Thanks.
  10. so its been some time playing, I was wondering if RSS is only for 1.3.1 or if there was a newer version out or one for testing?
  11. um no I have not ill give that a try. Well tried clearing the input locks with no luck, thanks for your help I'll just keep trying.
  12. I can launch from KSC only, do to no dish at the other 2 sites, but when/if I go back in to the VAB or SPH, I can not leave again and will have to restart the game. I'm sure its a mod 18 more to go, before I fine out if it is or not.
  13. Its one of my own, just an air in take part that regens mono and zeon
  14. Nope I have not welded anything as of yet, only using infernal robotics out of the two, and it was just something I put in there for those big builds, also the .craft was build before UbioWeldingInc was installed. here is the .craft I hope this helps.
  15. Sorry about that link fixed. It looks like it's mod, I just have to find out witch one, I thought the log would of shown what mod was the cause. I can still send you the mod list if you like as well as the .craft could be both as far as I know.
  16. @4x4cheesecake The re-rooting tool in the VAB I did use it. Is there a way to reset it so I don't have to do a rebuild on it, or can I just go back to where I used the rooting tool? I did try it on another ship and the same thing happened. Log here
  17. Thank you both for helping out I will look in to it tonight. @Lisias @4x4cheesecake Could the TweakScale mod cause this as I had to use it as my parts were to small for this build, Iv never used it till now.
  18. Need some help please, I am unable to find why I can not launch after returning to the VAB once I have launched the first time. I.e I launch my ship having to return to the VAB/SPH do to some unforeseen explosion and what not. I Do my adjustments save and try to launch and well this is the problem I'm having trouble finding why. i.e if its a bug in the game or a mod, and with my limited knowledge of reading log files and console errors I've done my best in removing, replacing mods that I did see come up with Null references, here is a snippet [EXC 10:47:27.873] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ScenarioModule.Save (.ConfigNode node) ProtoScenarioModule..ctor (.ScenarioModule module) ScenarioRunner.UpdateModules () ScenarioRunner.GetUpdatedProtoModules () Game.Updated (GameScenes startSceneOverride) GamePersistence.SaveGame (System.String saveFileName, System.String saveFolder, SaveMode saveMode, GameScenes startScene) FlightDriver.StartWithNewLaunch (System.String fullFilePath, System.String missionFlagURL, System.String launchSiteName, .VesselCrewManifest manifest) EditorLogic.<goForLaunch>m__43 () CallbackUtil+<DelayedCallback>c__Iterator1.MoveNext () UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator enumerator, IntPtr returnValueAddress) this is where I got lost and comes up each time I tried to re-launch. log here
  19. First off Id like to say I love your mod from day one and still do. Anyways so I just updated to KSP 1.3.1 and did my mod installs but I've spent about the last 18hrs looking into why my KSC keeps being moved to South America. As a result I have no Coms and my CMD is in the US. I've pulled mods that I thought were the cause, i.e Rss, KSC switcher, and even Kopernicus but to no avail. I started to pull even more and it was getting to me so I pulled everything and started from scratch. I started with the mods I always played with this included Rss, MJ, Eng, PP (ProceduralParts), RT. Each one was put in one at a time RSS and the required files then MJ, ENG. then RT each time before I ran the game to see if KSC was moved and for connectivity. As soon as I got to RT my KSC moved and I lost connection to any probes that were not active and in orbit . So I pulled RT and ran he game once more and all worked just fine. I included the logs for each time I ran the game with and with out RT above. If a mod list is needed let me know and ill write one up, I'm only posting here as I cant fine any other mod that is doing this. If I can id like to move KSC.
  20. Not to sure where to put this. Exception occured while loading contract 'unknown': System.ArgumentException: 'Earth' is not a valid CelestialBody. at ContractConfigurator.ConfigNodeUtil.ParseCelestialBodyValue (System.String celestialName) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ContractConfigurator.ConfigNodeUtil.ParseSingleValue[CelestialBody] (System.String key, System.String stringValue, Boolean allowExpression) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ContractConfigurator.ConfigNodeUtil.ParseValue[CelestialBody] (.ConfigNode configNode, System.String key, Boolean allowExpression) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ContractConfigurator.ConfigNodeUtil.ParseValue[CelestialBody] (.ConfigNode configNode, System.String key, .CelestialBody defaultValue) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ContractConfigurator.ConfiguredContract.OnLoad (.ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  21. Perfect the new Installer Pkg worked, thanks for getting this fix.
  22. thanks for your info bonyetty but unfortunately i do the same.
  23. so i D/L 1.3 and when i try to run it it just sits at a black screen and does nothing. it is in stalled in the Application folder and iv tried moving it well to s new folder with no luck. iv tried a few new D/L’s but it does not seem to be the problem, i did find one work around but its not a fix if i launch it from the terminal it will run but thats not the best place to play this game. any help to have it run from the .dmg/exe from the game folder it self would be nice. i also ran sudo spctl --master-disable to reset the gatekeeper and a reboot with no luck in allowing me to run ksp from ether the desktop or from the application folder. here is my log that i forgot to put up https://www.dropbox.com/s/lvv4usxp9ja2spc/Player.log?dl=0
  24. so with this so wonderful mod heres my first moon landing. I'm not sure how to post it, so it