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  1. Not much.. Had to anually delete some asteroids as they where likely causing some issues with my current save. Where if I tried to switch over to a craft in map view it sometimes selected another craft that was not even in the same SOI. So far deleting the roids seems to have worked also have been able to go to roids with ? on them and treat them as found and intercpted crafts (get within 2.5 km or so) as well as currently tracked but never been visited roids. Still did not have enough fuel for the first of 3 stages for a retro grade Rescue Kerbal Contract. Had to use second to last stage to finish it off to an acceptable Pe above the Sun and a little left over to at lest adjust the AD/DN to zero before running out. Was hoping to havea lot more fuel there so that it could be used to slow down and a little bit to do the next before swiching to the final stage which is Ion Drive. Hopefully it will have enough fuel to not only finish the manuevers. But, enough to get a Kerbin Intercpt and maybe. Just maybe enough to get a stable orbit around Kerbin to boot. But, here is a nice floating rock pic:


  2. Did not do to much. Forgot to add antenna for a contract mission. But, landed the part safely onto Minmus. Spent a bit refueling my retro grade orbiter. Still for that rescue mission months ago I need to get to finish dispite having 8+ failled attempts.


    @CaptainKorhonen: Wait till you hit the 4k + marke like some of us...

  3. Been busy to post here. But, have been making prgress with my stock career game since I last posted here. One of my more intresting successes:2DA48718B61D4BBA9CD6E42332DBB144A8367D9F


    As you can see it hasa  swooped down neck. What it does not show are the 8 ram jets(?) that where dropped once they stopped working. This will be going to land upon Duna. But, might do some more tweeking of the design before actually sending it over. As currently this is just a testing phase. As I have been contantly low on funds. Most of the time due to failed launches or failled attempts to get a retrograde orbit due to it beinga rescue Kerbal in retrograde orbit attempt. Yup to I thin either 8 or 9 tries and all of them costing no less then 1 mil + funds. Certainly a learning experiance for me. As I only accept funds from contracts or those we been here and did that first at x place...

  4. Not much today. Still getting ready for my first Eve encounter as well as reading moar craft to send to Duna. Also a chance encounter I noticed a unknow road and it looked like it was in Kerbin's SOI. It was and even moar important. Was close-ish to Minmus so I did this: 9CA547A187FCEACA41F3544A7F9CD17736DB1565

  5. Did not do much. Did get a SSTO plane up yestarday that had to use some of the payloads RCS fuel along with its own to finalize its orbit. Moar or less slowly passing time as manuever nodes I have set up on a few dozen (well 5 or 6 about) come up to do. As well as waiting for crafts to arraive at their target planets.

  6. 22 hours ago, invision said:

     2 easy ways to make money

    1. a first stage that can land back at the space center so you can collect 99% of the money back

    2. space them so they can land back at the space center, complete the contract, then land it and collect all your money back.

    and if you are cheap like me you build every mission with the least amount of parts


    Or I ignore that and just get mine ore contracts at places I have drills at. Even cheaper and can get use the ore too.. I lose money faster then I can make it and usually under 10 k Funds and full contracts. I currently havea contract that so far cost me over 10 mil to do. And the end fund is way less then that. But, it is a Kerbal Rescue one. So leave no Kerbals behind! Anyways. Today I docked craft that klawed a roid to a station: 7E5EFBD0066BC08F7C4BAB8E1B25E9A1A39CA64E

  7. I can hardlyu keep 1 mil funds. Trying to do a rescue retrograde orbit has eaten up a lot of my Funds. But, anyways. Captured another roid that entered Kerbin's SOI here is the pic of where it was going to intercept:


    Tomorrow's happy 2 hour tour. I'll be docking a craft to a station that has a class B or was it C roid? attached. Might record it will doing the tour... I'll try and remember to take pictures if I don't record and upload it.

  8. While I have been playing KSP a lot. I keep forgetting to come back  here and talk about my experice for the days I have played KSP. Sadly did not do much that was note worthy. Till today. first time visiting Dres and sadly it had to be an impactor. As I did not want to leave it in a solar orbit. Another note. I did stop a class C roid from hitting Kerbin here is the approch to it: D7172466B254415910521A2AE8CD5CC3B27D5993


    Forgot to take picture of it captured and orbiting Kerbin. Also havea Class B roid in orbit around the Mun. I have also been busy streaming KSP and "The Long Dark" for fun..

  9. Pretty much been busy getting this craft refueled in the last few weeks with a few manuevers also being completed and a long haul for those crafts: F49C26CDE34605D0C61FD0A1663552804E09FB48


    Had to make a few new tankers and refineies as what I was using was not right. Almost refueled and ready to go retorgrade in hopes it is enough to go out and save a Kerbal (contract reason) in a retorgrade orbit around the Kerbol aand with an orbit larger then Duna's.  Speaking of which. Got my 3rd Duna Craft out of 8 in Orbit:



    While it may have 7k of Liquid fuel left. IT really cannot dock to the craft that needs fuel. As the craft attacked to the craft that needs fuel needs fuel to use the RCS. Sucks to have a non-monopropelant RCS..

  10. Well had fun deliveringa rover to the Mun as well as a generator so I could keep mining on the mun a bit longer. Took the rover out for a little spin to complete a go to X site: 2EAEFCB5AB3E0D487F3210FC7D07A266BEDC3BB8

    Sadly the little rover's front half disintagrated. Tossing the Kerbal pilot free... Which I'm glad he lived as I cannot afford the 5 mil a pop Kerbal crew to replace him. Sadly he is stranded 6 km away from his exit craft.

  11. Did not do anything note worthy other then Having two craft trying to head to Eeloo. Well a long way where I have to wait 8 years with a 2 year wait to make the burn. Might try and send a 3rd craft that is capable of sending all the Kerbals back home as well as try and send a rover to Eeloo as well for science gathering reasons.

  12. Been busy. But, today my Duna Rover made it to Duna's Surface:




    Did have to use the heeatshield as a crumple zone. And I did have to right the rover by spining it. What saved it was the fact I had to land flat to the ground so the wheels all took the same amount of force when the crmple zone crumpled. Otherwise which ever side it landed on lost legs. But, I would have used the bigger chutes if I had know it was going to such smooth sailings down.

  13. Welp. Getting ready to send a craft out to Eeloo. First will be my Ore Survayer followed by a 4 in one craft only because I forgot to add the refinery as seen here:34665FFA63BC609893E6955CA78923D692E098EE

    The refinery will likely get ahead of this craft dispite being launche 2 hours earilier. IT be getting a gravity assist from the Mün. Will also be picking up the rest of the crew around Minmus as well. Also did find out the rover max tank wheels do work on the craft. But, sadly it was indeed a glitch when I was on Minmus.

  14. On ‎5‎/‎8‎/‎2017 at 6:12 PM, EpicSpaceTroll139 said:

    @Aragosnat you could check their right click menus to be sure that they're working. Probably what's going on is simply Minmus gravity = horrible rover traction. Even small ones don't get much grip.

    Sorry for the late reply. But, yes. They were working when I turned to the left or right. Then the motor went live. But, it is likely it was glitched. As I had that craft loose all 18 k(?) of electricity in a few seconds while turning in space for no reason. Yes.. The motors where turned off.. The wheels when on Kerbin did not use that much juice even with the reaction wheel on.


    Had fun getting this into space:


    Had a problem with the fairings... They where clam shelled and did not have enough force to push away and acted wiered when trying to push away. They basicly took out the fuel tanks behind the fairing. Should have turned the engine off or made it confette fairings or more then 2 shells... But, thanks to my over engineering the craft within in it. It made its way out of Kerbin's SOI for a solar station contract which is now heading back to Kerbin so I can use it as a Kerbal trasport craft to other places.

  15. Welp. Had a funish day. Had a SSTO rocket return some what safe. It only lost 8 sepatrons, 2.5 m fairing 1.5?m decupler, 2 orange tanks. But, the twin boar survived thanks to the other parts acting as crumple zones...:


    Also found out that the tank like wheels have almost no traction or for what ever reason the motors don't want to work at all dispite having enough power. Then again this is on minmus:  A1D428D872598BB32E77B3EE6980AE8F4AD37B4B