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  1. 32+ years as that is when Kerbin will finally intecpt the craft that did a low solar orbit. But, current career save is just beyong Duna. Soonish to be Dres. Farthest in others saves has been Eeloo's orbit.
  2. I did nothing but liked a few people in the forums and play The Long Dark today.. So no KSP today. Tommoroow yes..
  3. Had fün with a Mün lander: Bit hard to see. But, there be 2 side boosters that where separated from the craft. One of them even escaped from Mü's SOI with the other impacting. Also had fun docking without RCS too:
  4. Currently stranded around Duna very high orbit that does not get Ike encounters. Along with Bill, Bob and a few dozen other Kerbals.
  5. Did not do a lot in KSP. Mostly tested trying to get a rocket to retorgrade burn to cancel out Kerbins speed(well yestarday).. Main reason. Not just for fun. But, to rescue a Kerbal in a retrograde orbit that has an orbit out almost to Duna. So far I had gotten to about 9200 m/s to be canceled out before needing to use the final stage which would have been the I need to slow down to avoid over shooting or smacking into the craft I need to dock with in the vain hopes I'll have enough fuel to at least make a poor Kerbal's attempt to at least get the craft within Kerbin's SOI. Spent 1 hour + 30 minutes or so trying add that to my 4+ hours from my other attempts. For todays run. Basicly de-orbited craft refuled and found out one of my Dres crafts will Likely not have enough to slow down. Hopefully the crafts before it will have enough to get fuel to it so it can hopefully in vain give it enough fuel to stay within Dres's SOI. Also this, just read the name in KerbNet and look at who is piloting:
  6. First get impact. Then a true landing.. Could have also had the fly by brek off pieces to do an impact on Duna as well as Ike if one was lucky enough. Anyways. Just a few pics of what I did recently today: Did not land on the runway. But, was a soft landing. It was supposed to re-enter from a Mün high since it was orbiting around Mün. Forgot I was supposed to do that annd did get a low 89km by 300 km orbit then Dropped in around 89 km Pe to get a nice return towards KSC. Had to do an S turn (sort of tried anyways) to get it the line closer towards KSC. But, the radiator under the MK1 in-line Cockpit did act as a nice heat shield upon re-entery. It almost went BOOM! and did better then the Mk1 in-line has done.
  7. Well. Here is the craft that survived Dune AIRBRAKING.... I'm sure you can see what is missing: Craft lost 4 small extandable radiators and 2 medium one. What is wierd is. The Medium ones did not explode on the same side. Did some more de-orbiting of debris as well as testing to see what I need to do to dock my new craft that will be pused by my 2 SSTO planes. Err planes to it...
  8. Made orbit around Duna with a follow up craft. IT was following just a few weeks behind. Had to do this to make orbit as fuel was a weee bit low: Had to do this a few times to get it to where it was only braeaking off a few parts instead of about 70 parts worth. By the way. This is a 4 part craft in a line... Last try ended up with this orbit:
  9. Slowly getting better at SSTO planes. Now I don't need RAPIER engine so far. And I have a plane for it as well: The only problem with it is. It does bounces when landing. Just means I need to make sure it does not hit as hard and likely it was terrain causing some of the bounce. Dispite landing near the KSC runway. Either I need to reduce the springieness to help reduce the bounce. Or try for softer landing which will take a lot of practice on my part. Edit: The other problem is the MK1 inline comes very close to over heating. Might need to use a radiator as a makeexcrements heat shield.
  10. Been messing around with SSTO planes. Finally starting to get what is needed to make them go up with enough fuel to at least de-orbit and if lucky... Enough fuel fuel left over to make a safe landing (can make a 90 km by 90 km orbit: Or use probe cores to keep them safe if able to keep them off.
  11. Welp. Kerbal flew by while I was rotating the craft to put the Kerbal in so that he could enter it.: Same craft again. But was finally able to land it. Main problems are need more batteries and moar control surfaces so I don't have to have engines at full power: But, otherwise the SSTO plane works fine as long as I get some more fuel into it from orbit.
  12. Welp. After a few months of playing KSP for a few hours a day with very few time warps lasting more then a Kerbin Day. My first craft finaly reached Duna: Was able to get high and near Duna science with goo, science Jr, temp and Presure thingy. And has enough fuel to get a Kerbin encounter one day while almost running dry...
  13. Welp finished sending of 7 Craft to Dres. Would have taken pictures. But, ye will see the pictures of the obit when they get there. Sadly looks like one might not make it. Good thing is it is not needed. Just would have been nice. Might cheat and give it fuel. But, in other news while waiting to do correction burns for Dres:
  14. Welp. Started sending 4 craft of Hum I would have to look. Craft to Dres. One ogf which is likely to run out of fuel before getting to Dres. Refueling more craft while I still have a Dres window as well found out one of my burns is an 1 hour and 30 minutes long. True it is a single nuke.... But, will likely make it into 2 45 minute burns or maybe 30 minute burns. But, good thing is. It has enough fuel to do the burn and then some thanks to me having ore on it by mistake.
  15. Slowly getting ready to do my Mass exidous to Dres for the first time. Just wish we could get those more of the Explore x moon/planets instead of one at a time. Been streaming a lot more as well. Just for funsies. Also getting excited by the expansion pack. Just wish others where not excitable in the other direction.
  16. I realize this maybe hard to see. But, did finaly try some of the Mk3 plane parts it flew alright and was able to land it safely too. To bad its cargo was still a bit to wide to drive out from it:
  17. Yes and no. I'm trying to get to a point where I don't need to send up to much that is new that cannot get back on its own. As well s sending up only ssto planes that either carry Kerbals or very small payloads.
  18. Lodt a miner on Mün. Though I had enough fuel to make it to orbit as I had a nice intercpt of the refinery in orbit. Should have used the mini-refinery to get over half fuel in tank or maxed its tank. Opps. At least it was a probe. Did a few of manuevers and dockings around Minmus and Mun. Did not have enough fuel to get one of my sun divers to get an intercept with Kerbin. In a few passes maybe it will get one.
  19. It could be an issue. As well as what Alshain mentioned. Reason being. Even if you rotated the part right. There could still be a slight hight diffrence between the front and back that we are not seeing. It is one of the reasons why I try to make sure all my gears are attaching to similar sized parts that don't need me to rotate them to be level with the ground. Also one of the older weekly notes mention the runway has issues. And if you drive a rouver down on it. You will hopefully notice nice little cracks within them. Those are also not helping with take offs and landings. As they are likely the cause of collision detection issues. Here is an old screen shot of what I mean. And yes the rover was flipped because of that crack.
  20. Recovered some Kerbals from Minmus. Have cold will spread.... Had fun lowing my Pe to around 25 km before entering Kerbins atmosthere. All the parts before the final stage went boom after staging. Sent a craft to be a station around Minmus for contract. Forgot antenna. But, I do have another craft coming up that has one. So no worries on my part.
  21. Also what this the front wheel attached to? As some of the parts do have a very slant on them. But, what Alshain suggested should also work.
  22. I did. And was busy editing the thing while you quated a bit of my answer. Even if you think it is level just a slight bit off on the ground will likely make it bounce. Due to collision detection of the wheels being more like a square then a circle.
  23. Have to agree with Alshain on that. Bounce is usually because you came in to hard. But, since you mentioned soft landings. The other is colision detection of the wheels to ground could still be off. Basicly you need to come in very very level with the ground. Think instead of nice round wheels to land on. Think landing on square blocks.
  24. Never sent any craft to places other then Duna, Eve, Gilly, Moho, Jool and its hard to miss encounters of its moons and Eeloo. Only have done manned missions to Laythe. Duna, Eve, Gilly, and Kerbol (sun) for outside of Kerbin's SOI.