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  1. Well 3 hours in douring the game demo version of 0.18 for soap-o version of the game. But, still got it when they added what we have today.
  2. Pretty much doing contracts as well as getting crafts to and from Minmus and Mün for reasons.... Got my Minus mining ops back in business now that I swapped out the Engineer fora pilot. Pilot was able to land upright because of SAS. Already got back up to fix that problem on its way. Tourist who only wanted Hi-Gee flying experiance on Kerbin is going out of Kerbin's SOI.... Left the other Tourist that was supposed to go there back at KSC.... And finally launched this to be a space fuel transfer craft also the name suggests something else and it is SFW: And yes it is the craft part near the center of mass indicator that was luanched up.
  3. More or less been busy lately to post KSP stuff. Been busy streaming KSP as well as other games since my last post. Well. Been streaming everyday. Anyways. Doing rescue missions as well as prepairing more craft to head off to Dres as the window is slowly approching. Already have a truck full of Kerbals ready as well as a claw refinery so when I upgrade by tracking station I will be able to farm roids around Dres for fuel. But, for now pre-pairing another craft that will act as a science lander and ore miner for Dres That will have another craft that will deploy the orbital scanner. At least that is my intent. Here is a nice little picture of Mün about to get a Kerbin Eclipse:
  4. Landed near one of these on the Mün: Got the you visited x place record then I thought it poped up again when I EVA'ed the Kerbal. Turned out it was a plant the flag contract I forgot I accepted. Then after return the craft to Kerbin. I had a very very good transfer window for another one my Craft around the Mün that was used for a Mün contract and was able to dip back down to Kerbin to find I was able to get this: Still need to do a correction burn once out from Kerbin's SOI. But, still a nice chance. Will be sending another directly from low Kerbin's Orbit. It will be a refinery and miner so I can refuel craft that are around Duna that will become stranded there. So all is good there.
  5. Returned moar tourists for cash . Had to do 2 burns almost at the same time. Thankfully they where 3 minutes apart followed by another 2 hourish later...
  6. Yeah. But, it is only a problem when switching from another craft at times or to a high part count one. But, thankfully it is a non-issue to worry about. Also. Kerbin I think we havea problem with Mün: Best guess on whi is. That when I selected the Mün and set the ore to be seen. IT stayed on even when switchign from another craft...
  7. 100% stock baby..... Just a glitich with the shroud for the heatshields that still exists since they where added.
  8. Black Hole would be a classic movie for the Kerbals... Try I am older then the movie. But, did not see it till the 1980s. Totally see someone building the USS Cygnus in KSP... Anyways... Had to on the fly adjust this crafts thrusters so they are blanced when landing upon the Mün: Also had balance issue when taking off Kerbin to. The escape pod with the puffs was the cause of the imbalanced and this.. Totally not a bug:
  9. While returning a Kerbal from orbit. I noticed that the craft some what looked like the robots from Black Hole:
  10. Mainly as fuel depots and refinerys as well as a place to part krafts that are used to refuel other ships. But, I do use them also for comm relays as well.
  11. 1-3 hours when streaming. Due to me not liking to leave the stream running or turning it off. But, 3-10+ hours with frequent stretch breaks inbetween there. The breaks really have helped myself in general.
  12. Another find day of not using RSC to dock ships together: The two lander cans was on the nose of the far left craft. Which the craft with the landing legs had to dock with the left craft first before docking to the attached craft. All done without RCS. Reason I had to do it was because lcked enough Kerbals for a contract and two the two lander cans accidently had their engines separate a wee bit earily and had to get a Kerbal out and push it back down onto the nose of the other craft on the far left.
  13. Pretty much a rare moment when I get to have a return craft from Mün or Minmus do this:
  14. From the Mün's pole (little things like thses make playing KSP enjoyable): And some re-entery fun: The little targe that is 1.5 km way was not part of the craft before staging.... And it is going the opposite way too.
  15. Juat did a Minus Group photo. Before shipping tehm off back to Kerbin for some R&R: Also should have mentioned in my last post with my silly Craft heading to the sun. That it was a straight up launch from KSC with very very little course correction befor running out of fuel....
  16. First Screen Shot of the year: It is carrying this for a Duna mission(self one): Also did something silly that I should have tried before midnight(no need to see craft also got enough speed to go clockwise-ish):
  17. Not much. Returned a crew and tourists of 15 back to Kerbin: There was a lot of exploding of the deorbeting craft on the way past me.
  18. Welp. Finally landed a craft on another craft on the Mün for return Kerbal and part contract: Currently just the capsule is in orbit with the Kerbal. Forgot to add chutes to the craft and de-orbited the craft with the claw at the Mün.
  19. Had a nice little bug in game: Yes folks. That says surface of the sun... And here I thought I was supposed to burn up well before hand.... Thing is. The craft should have been destroyed at Kerbin as it ws supposed to have crashed into it. But, in other news. You can have oddly shaped craft that are pointed that fly decently:
  20. Well. While transmitting data with not enough electricty gen. I decided to lower my altitude to increase it as the panthers when dry give out moar electricity sadly did a nose dive and this happened after I regained controll of the probe: Most should see something missing on what would be a normal plane.... If you guess two wing. Ye would be right... Needless to say I was stillable to fly it around and complete a contract and then dis a water landing succefully:
  21. Rover flipped over due to crack in runway:
  22. Guess what I spied with my little eyes: Also KerbNet does not seem to see it even though I got the Explore/History First bonus funds from being within 2.4 km even running into it with the probe. Still did not see it on KerbNet...
  23. "Negotiating Gravity" "Whacking Kerbals" "Spelunking on Tylo"
  24. Don't think I ever intentionally downloaded a craft. One might have come with the spitfire mod. Just so I could use the propelers. But, other then that I would rather take cues and try to build my own as it then gives me a better idea on how to build in the first place.
  25. Well mine has to go with a picture. Just for the expression: But, yeah. Staging Mün Landing and Never Visiting Dres. Get a little chuckle from e as well. Dres on is so true. Never visited it yet..