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  1. Rescured moar Kerbals and visited here and was able to climb it. To bad the other places near by where not climbable..:
  2. They do. But, I find it odd that manned Crafts can talk to each other if one has relay/antenna and the other does not have the extra.. But, relay probes (just the probe core and relay antenna) cannot. Also Even though the craft says it has antenna. They (probe and crewed) can never send out unless they add an external antenna. But, can get signals only directly from Kerbin's comm system. Which I was expecting. Was not expecting another Kerbal craft that had external relay antennas to get a line to the one without any external(extra) antennas. If I remember right. It kind of has to by the relay antenna. As the basic non-relay ones don't work (does not show lines).
  3. Not much. Doing easish contracts.. Found out it seems Kerbal controlled crafts can talk to other Kerbal Controlled craft if one craft has antenna and the other does not: As ye can see in the above. The focused craft has direct connection to Kerbin. But, no connection to the relay sats I have in orbit. With the exception of the Targeted craft "Mun Spaace Station Base". Which has relays as well as active live Kerbals. Also found out if the Kerbals have High enough EXP they can access KerbNet Without having a direct connection on the MPL.
  4. Try having the ore tanks with the drills and after the decupler as the deculper is likely blocking fuel flow and the ore.
  5. Actually. The NavBall has been doing this since 0.18 and likely before as well. But, it would be nice if it was disable the auto-switch as well as increase the switch surface to orbit for places like Minmus where we can see mountain tops while still being in orbit. It has been annoying when drivign rovers there.
  6. While I do some what agree. As long as they are off by default like with how the relay system was. Why be worried if they add it as stock as long as it is 100% optional to turn on?
  7. Was a contract and that was the ship sent up to get them. Just was not going fast enough soon enough... Still rescued them.
  8. First time I saw one was in 0.24? Sow a ring thing while I was decending. Asked in a chat room. Was told it was an arch. Then sent a rover to where I did the Mun Landing. Then decided either that save or the next. To Kreate Disneyland there.. Never did get the chance as the updates kept happening at a fast pace then and restarted with each new version....
  9. Another day in Rescue the Kerbal in orbit program:
  10. Have to agree. Earth is the worst planet. Next is Kerbin. Since it seems everyone wants to leave it..
  11. Welp. Yestarday help some one understand how to get into obit better as well as how to tell how not to land on the Mün. But, at least showed how to tell when one is close to landing.
  12. Will leaving KerBent open around Kerbin and seeing after I exted time warp. I was greated with this nice little surprise: Also had a rescue Craft arrive at the Mün. Did a night landing without lights. Only too me 1 extra try as I was distracted on the way down by a part that should have fallen to the surface long time ago. Since I left the Kerbals a few days there before getting the craft there.
  13. Found a good use for the flea and a place to go for a tan tan: Also got some colonists on the Mün as well as first landing on this Career save since beat. plus found out that I was echoing while streaming. Wish people mentioned it the day I first started streaming or sooner (was OBS fault):
  14. Nice moods.. Now Kerbals need to use them..
  15. Back well before 0.9 was return some Kerbals from Duna(? or was it Mun) to Kerbin and when their shoots went to deply... The parts with the chutes where ripped off at like 800+m up and the rest of the craft (one with the Kerbals in it) kept going down... What saved them was the 4 landing legs going boom and one cocking port.. With the MK2 lander can surviving and even founf the picture too:
  16. Gratz! and Well you can always copy your save game folder else where and never worry about updating by accident.
  17. When making your rover. I find it best to use the Space plane Hangar. That way my probe core will be facing the right way all the time as I usually make sure it is the first part I use and never rotate it around. Just build around it to make it look nice or silly as need be while staying functional. Best place to test how it will likely work is on the runway. Which makes building it in the SPH the best option. No need to drive it over there. And if it tips and you are playing career. 100% fund recover unless something went BOOM....
  18. Found feather prof no one will visit Dres as well as the Mün landing being faked:
  19. Did more lonesome streaming. Found out that at 300 meters down underwater parts get a nice little warning of their impending doom: While not a warning. Pretty neat that there are milestones and I know know how to sink parts properly. Without meaning too. Also Bill bailed at 307 m underwater and is fine....
  20. Never got any of those problems. But, good to know it is fixed so more people can enjoy it.
  21. Started playng KSP after play in the 1.2 beta. Streaming more or less for fun as well...
  22. How about testing launch clamps on Minmus and Mün?
  23. Just making sure you mean 5,200 km up or 5200 meters up? Or the big k one?