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  1. So is it actually possible to mess around with the "building/structure" objects in this game much via mods?
  2. Indeed. We may not be able to have what would effectively be a scaled down weather prediction program in KSP. But I don't think we really NEED one if we just want weather conditions in our simulator, and there is likely a way we can get weather that is "good enough" for being reasonably sensible in the way it works. Hence some of my thoughts on possible ways we might be able to implement weather in a way that is at least more complex than the weather in a typical game that has visual weather effects in it (which basically amounts to "every X minutes, randomly generate a value and set the we
  3. In theory, you could also use something that adds a Kerbal version of the Lockheed compact fusion reactor, if such a mod exists. By which I mean, having electric jet engines. Which you power with a fusion reactor small enough to fit on a large cargo plane. Then, you would switch to plasma engines or something like that which use lots of power to eject its fuel with more energy than you'd get from just burning it with oxidizer. Seriously, if Lockheed's Reactor, or for that matter any other compact fusion reactor comes to be, it will open a whole new set of possibilitie
  4. This is just a funny idea I had, but what if you had a mod that you could toggle on and off while on a mission. When toggled on, it would purposely add a user-defined number of seconds of input lag. It does take time for signals to move the sorts of distances involved in space after all (from Earth to the Moon is what, about a second?) If you wanted to make it a more automated "challenge" mod, rather than a just-for-fun thing you toggle, you could have it add some amount of time for any vessel in a sphere of influence without a manned vessel it can connect to. Naturally, to avo
  5. In the spirit of the necro, anyone have kerbals survive things they really, really shouldn't have lately?
  6. No pics. But for those who have used the airship mod? Apparently those balloon-parachute things can summon lesser kraken forces if placed too close to each other. Spent a good half hour trying to figure out why my science plane started to suddenly fly off sideways in circles after lifting off before I figured it was the fact that I replaced the conventional parachutes with newfangled balloonachutes that are apparently made of krakenskin. ...what? I didn't want to have to get out and repack the darn parachutes every time I took back off in the thing, okay?
  7. PC Flight simulators have been simulating wind, storms, and such things for 15+ years now. But they do not actually simulate how weather systems interact with each other and all that. So really then. Why do we assume that KSP has to? As long as weather can happen, and can move over the launch site and then move away from the launch site (and, well, any other sites we might have a loaded craft on planets with atmospheres), that will satisfy many players of the game. Design-wise, it also just comes down to a simple question: "What is it people actually want to do with weat
  8. Another reason we haven't seen much on the weather front is in part due to the expectation of a full-on weather simulator. Like, with an actual, simplified weather dynamics simulation with cells located across the planet and generally acting like a substantially scaled down version of simulators that actual weather prediction software uses. Those weather prediction programs tend to run on supercomputers. So even a significantly scaled down and simplified one WOULD indeed be a MAJOR processing power concern. And such, as Gaarst is concerned, it would only be usable by people with bette
  9. Ah. In my naivety, I guess I figured it would just be something like "change it so you get all possible science from transmitting," which is usually less than the full 100% from recovery, so I made the assumption that would make it so that it gives you all the science a transmit can give you from a single transmit. Which means that you would then need to adjust all stock science transmit values from their various 30-100% so that they all are 50% instead. Which may well be more than mere config edits (although, if its just in a different config could it be doable with just the caveat that it
  10. One thing that could be neat is if transmitted science can transmit, say, 50% of the total science, but cannot transfer any more. In other word, transfer would tranfer ALL the science it CAN transmit at once, but it would be limited to 50% of the total (for the other 50%, you'd need to recover it).
  11. If someone does take it up and considers multiple resources, then I would suggest maybe 3. Silver, Gold, and "Crystals" (which could mean anything from diamonds to corrundum-type things like saphires to whatever weird and possibly valuable things you might find elsewhere in a space setting). Three seems like a good number for sake of balancing rarity and value with distance.
  12. Could also set it so that Engineers can repair some effects that result from damage, depending on their level. i.e. an engineer past a certain level can completely repair a leak. Additionally, if some damage completely disabled something (like a control surface's ability to act as a control surface, or the gimbal effect of an engine), a good enough engineer could potentially repair that part to partial effectiveness.
  13. To give some further thoughts/clarification on how idea Number 1 in the first post could work, mechanically: -(Before this, of course, you need to get the hard part of getting wind support in the physics engine out of the way, which would probably entail "just" taking the resulting vector of the vessel and the wind and treating the aerodynamics for the vessel using the resulting vector). -For purposes of performance, it can be considered to set it up so that wind (and other weather effects) would not be applied to all loaded vessels. Perhaps instead, it would be only the current ve
  14. I meant more with regards to the way people like Randal uses the word "kerbal" as an adjective. In his case, he uses it to describe the concept of... well, this. https://what-if.xkcd.com/139/ You cannot argue that it would be quite kerbal to stick a heat shield on a submarine, and drop it into jupiter's atmosphere. The rabbids seem to base their entire "space program" on that sort of style. Mixed of course with a hefty dose of "there is no way that would EVER work in reality." At the very least, they need more struts. .
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