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  1. I'll give it a shot if/when I get some time on my hands... I used to have a massive MM plug-in file for just that sort of thing... Might be able to find it and repurpose it...
  2. Me: *Sees BDB has a massive update* Whohoo! Me: *Sees notes that some parts have been deprecated* Oh boy... Me: *Sees further notes that deprecated parts will be deleted in future updates and remembering that one nifty little antenna I use for passive comms on pretty much all my craft* Oh no... Welp, I guess I should start the evacuations... P.S: Are the new versions of your antennae good for RemoteTech, or do you need them to make a compatibility update?
  3. It apparently got split into several sub-mods, which are getting updates, but it looks like it evolved into parts packs for stock-alikes of smaller/vaguer programs (like the Indian, Chinese and Japanese launchers and such)... Not exactly what I'm looking for. Anyway - thank you again!
  4. Thank you! I guess sorry for not remembering I had a problem a year ago, or what it stemmed from (which, in that case was a different mod), or how to fix it... In any case, Contares removed (it was a deprecated mod anyway) and Companion applied... lets see if it works. Edit: Whooo! No more "Show-stopper" errors! Still got 17 "normal"(?) errors, but at least it's not "EXIT THE GAME AND SEEK HELP NOW, OR BOB GETS IT!" anymore (poor Bob...).
  5. Sooo... Haven't played Kerbal in a fair bit. Coming back to it, I got 18 "fatal" errors to do with TweakScale... Here's the log file, assistance would be very appreciated: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SzbZG1AxhmEXaTfGRl0HeV5Hu7WAW0Al/view?usp=sharing
  6. OK. So it's apparently some sort of bug with the VAB, rather than *only* a visual issue. The VAB creates a "ghost" copy of whatever craft I'm launching and puts it at 90 degrees to the pad... Also, when I try to launch the same satellite, with its' original lifter, from the OP, and then return to VAB - it loads up the subassembly from the Upper Stage, instead the relative craft file...
  7. OK. So due to an unrelated issue with my previous save and Tantares' latest update, I decided to start a-new. First launch, launching a satellite into geo-sync orbit, everything's fine in the VAB... And then this happens... I call him Jeff. Anyway, the serious part: Apparently, the game has decided to spawn a weird "ghost" asset of one of my subassemblies (specifically of a Centaur-derivative Upper Stage), used in the featured craft. It's "inactive" - i.e not part of the actual vessel and not a vessel itself, but partially interactable, as in I can highlight its' constituent parts. For some reason, the RCS thrusters at the lower part of the "ghost" follower appear active, though it doesn't actually move. Jeff likes to tag along for whatever you're doing, but keeps his distance. He's also persistent between game reloads and active vessels...
  8. Yup... I have no idea why simply replacing the relative part configs with the ones from v20 wouldn't fix the issue, which is why I'm thinking it's a save file issue...
  9. Hey @Beale, whenever I update to the latest/"final" version of Tantares, my craft files (and active vessels) start missing the following parts: Tantares.RCS.5.E Tantares.RCS.4 Tantares.RCS.3 Tantares.RCS.2 Tantares.RCS.2.E Tantares.MOE.2 I'm assuming those are the different RCS ports, which leads me to ask - were they (and if so, why) removed, or just renamed, and how can I reinstate them? Edit: Version 20 works fine, but I can't find the parts under its folder. At least not by searching for the above lines... Edit 2: After some manual searching, I found what should match the above tags, only with the "Soyuz" prefix (i.e - Soyuz.RCS.5.E), under the Soyuz\DEPRECATED folder. Any idea what I can do to make them compatible again? Like, can I just rename the part config files? Worst case scenario, of course, is that I'd have to evacuate and then nuke every conflicting active vessel I have on my save, which regrettably is most of my crewed vehicles, including the Munar Base/Outpost and supporting Station I've been working on for the better part of the last 3-4 months... Edit 3: OK. So after some testing, the following doesn't work: Tried removing the "TechHidden = True" from the part config files and editing their "category = " line accordingly. Tried reinstating the part config files from version 20 into the Soyuz/DEPRECATED folder, replacing the original ones. Tried changing the "name = " line of each part's config file to match the above quoted lines. I'm starting to think the issue is with the save file itself and how the vessels are compiled, which would mean this would be way harder to remedy than initially thought... Plan 239Pu: Evacuate & Nuke is now in an active planning phase, though I'm not giving up yet...
  10. Congrats, Beale! This has been one of my favourite mods and a staple to every one of my career runs. Can't wait for your next project! As an aside, do you have any plans of adding RemoteTech support for your antennae/dishes? In the past, I relied on my own MM fork to add the necessary modules, until I lost the file in a Windows re-install. I can re-make it, given time, but I'd love a more "in-house" option.
  11. Thanks! And thank you for the timeliness... Now, lets see if everything works... *Gets into Bomb-disposal Suit and hides behind a concrete barricade*
  12. I guess this is as good of a return to the forum as one could expect with KSP... ANYWHO, hadn't played KSP in a few weeks (ahem... months, but hey) and had to update my mods. After loading, your nice little warning system gave me 20 FATAL errors... So, here's my log (and a Ckan modlist export, if you need it):
  13. I wouldn't mind having the Redstone tank be with the rest of the Redstone parts, at the very least in the same node/column as the engine and control surfaces...
  14. That's why they're here. I've still to actually start putting them up on my playthrough thread, so you got dibs... Ranger Two, as per the rest of my game so far, is much like the NASA Ranger 2. The only difference being that it carries a hard-lander probe for some contractual obligations, along with an Altimetry scanner.
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