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  1. Thanks! And thank you for the timeliness... Now, lets see if everything works... *Gets into Bomb-disposal Suit and hides behind a concrete barricade*
  2. I guess this is as good of a return to the forum as one could expect with KSP... ANYWHO, hadn't played KSP in a few weeks (ahem... months, but hey) and had to update my mods. After loading, your nice little warning system gave me 20 FATAL errors... So, here's my log (and a Ckan modlist export, if you need it):
  3. I wouldn't mind having the Redstone tank be with the rest of the Redstone parts, at the very least in the same node/column as the engine and control surfaces...
  4. That's why they're here. I've still to actually start putting them up on my playthrough thread, so you got dibs... Ranger Two, as per the rest of my game so far, is much like the NASA Ranger 2. The only difference being that it carries a hard-lander probe for some contractual obligations, along with an Altimetry scanner.
  5. Sorry for the double post, but just to let CobaltWorlf know- the top attachment node on the Muo-125 tank is a bit offset...
  6. Well, I have the latest version of DOE, so it probably isn't that (if that bug was fixed)... Plus, it doesn't look like a flare, more like a misplaced texture...
  7. So last night I encountered... Something... Not quite sure what though... Here's a picture. It shows up now and again on multiple crafts/launches. It appears to be some sort of rendering/particle nonsense since it's not a part that just fell off. It's not a texture either... It just... floats there with the vessel for awhile... Like some sort of weird, alien space dolphin...
  8. As promised, here's some pictures of my first Atlas-Centaur launch. Standard configuration Atlas-SLV3 with the new booster and sustainer engines, separation of the half-stage was at the standard altitude of 24km. The Centaur upper stage was in the "Medium" configuration- main tank plus a half-tank and two engines. For consecutive launches, we may move to orange tanks. Fairings are hard-shells taken from the AIES mod, along with SAS units for both the main and upper stages. As a side note- I noticed that the emissives on the radial engines may be overlapping with the nozzles. Also, the Centaur decoupler kinda wobbles somewhat on vessel load and may end up slightly crooked. Nothing that causes problems, it's just the right amount of offset to be noticeable.
  9. Yeah, that's probably what happened... Anywho, problem solved! Great mod. I'll get you some pictures of my forthcoming Atlas-Centaur-SLV3 launch when I get to it. As for another Gemini lookalike, we have the Corvus 1.25m version from Orionkermin and Beale's take on Gemini in his Tantares mod. Plus there's always FASA, so I think we're good. You can make your own, sure, and we'll probably love it but I think maybe focus on satellites and launch vehicles, since that's where you started.
  10. But where do I find your Atlas main stage (this: The Muo engine and orange tank is your take on Atlas V, which I've yet to reach, historically. My concern is that I've already unlocked the SM-65 version of the Atlas rocket from the OMSK mod and want to start launching Atlas-Centaur. OMSK has it's own line of Atlas-Centaur parts, which I will be using, I just want yours as well. You know, for variety, among other things (like yours being of better graphical fidelity)... Edit: Sigh... I just checked my folder against a freshly downloaded zip of your mod... Guess I didn't update properly...
  11. Will tell you when I reach it... I'm playing with Galactic Neighbourhood, which has planet packs spawn in other systems, so it'll be awhile. So far, so great though. One small caveat- maybe have the base Atlas parts available sooner in the tech tree.