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  1. I was playing this with .23 and it seems that I cannot board the Dragon while EVA in space. I can grab the extended ladder but when I climb to the hatch, there's no board option. Doesn't seems to matter if the hatch is open or not. Since the version I'm using is .22, it may not be appropriate to mention it, I dunno.
  2. Is there an easier way of temporarily disabling RT 2 while running the game and revert to normal career mode science? I'm using this volunteer version for .23 and it works for me for basic stuff. However, it tends to be a little laggy. So I've taken to editing the cfg files to allow manual control with the stock parts so that I can just disable the plug-in and run normal career mode with science sending regardless of relays. Might there be an easier way to do this with the RT 2 plug-in, or be built-in? Yes, I'm seeing the same issue with the volunteer version.
  3. Regarding the whole level of realism about re-pointing, it seems more real to have an added "Backup GPS System" that can receive GPS data via a receiver and know which way to autonomously re-point itself after a power failure. This is the same thing as telling MJ to always point at the center of the Earth, etc.