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  1. Meant to reply to this ages ago... Yeah, it's a problem with my rocket... Tried it on a new rocket and all is well, so yeah it's either the staging or something else wrong with the rocket, or a minor bug in MJ. Either way, the delta v reading does work as it should under normal circumstances...
  2. Ummm, maybe I didn't explain myself properly. From those equations, the problem I have is that Mechjeb is showing me the delta v of late stages based on the total mass of the rocket, rather than based on the mass that the rocket will be after the stages are spent...
  3. Maybe I'm missing something obvious here, or maybe it's not possible for some reason, but can anyone tell me how to get Mechjeb to show the amount of delta v per stage independent of other stages in the VAB? What I mean is, let's say I have my main payload stage, which has 1000 delta-v. Mechjeb shows this correctly in the VAB. But when I add a booster stage, let's say it has delta-v of 2000, the delta v of my first stage will be lower (ie, as if it was trying to push the full weight of the craft, including the booster stage), maybe 750. Likewise if I add another booster stage, let's say solid rockets, with a delta-v of 1500, both previous stages will show lower delta v values again. It makes it quite difficult to calculate how much total DV I have, because rather than telling me I have the 3500 total for my booster stages, and 1000 for my main craft, it may show 1500 for stage 1, 1000 for stage 2, and 300 for my main craft... Am I making sense? As I say, maybe I'm missing something obvious, but if anyone could clue me up, I'd appreciate it...
  4. Yeah but the contract isn't currently active - and isn't available to select in the contracts list... How do I trigger the offer?
  5. Excellent, that fixed my kuarqs! Thanks... Can you tell me how to trigger the Plant science contract too? Then I'll do the same to get that back to where it was... Cheers
  6. This mod is great, but I've had an issue recently where, after installing some other mods (I have a LOT installed), two station science contracts I'd already accepted suddenly disappeared from my list - they're not active, inactive or in the archive, just gone. Not a massive concern because prograde quarks has reappeared and I can accept that again, but my problem is that the prograde quarks experiment was already underway, so I can't trigger the 'launch' and 'start experiment' parameters of the experiment... So, is there a change I can make to my persistent file (or something else) to tell the game that I've completed those two paramaters already? Also, can I trigger the plant science one myself (that's the other one that disappeared...)
  7. You can still get your game to load by using the parts fix mentioned somewhere - I have... Of course you won't actually have any working robotic parts until the full fix comes along, but you can still play your game in the meantime... Just pretend there's been a kerbal-wide shortage of robo-grease or something
  8. Ah, ok. Thought there must be some technical reason - it's a pity but it can't be helped - the plugin is still awesome, and all I need to do is use the subassembly mod to have a pre-made winch and connector
  9. Yeah you can tell which way round it is if you look closely, but the question still remains. If the winch MUST have a connector attached, and the connector is the only thing that can be attached, it just seems like an unnecessary extra step.
  10. Looking forward to the 0.20 update for this, but I have a separate question in the meantime: If a connector HAS to be connected to the winch, why does this have to be done manually? Can't the winch automatically have a connector attached? I'm just asking because a lot of the time, I struggle to get the connector attached in the right place, or the right way up, and have to keep checking my ships on the launchpad. Am I missing something?
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