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  1. Well I have tried everything I know of, which is not much when it come to this stuff. I really am interested in learning more though. Here is a snap shot of the CoT in the VAB of the OMS on the engine mount. http://imgur.com/S3mh4Nz This is what the engines look like in orbit (real plume and hot rockets) http://imgur.com/L3abvb3. The right engine has the hot part of the exhaust on the opposite end. For this picture i have a question on the audio. I don't know if this is how its supposed to be but I noticed during this part of the burn there is no audio for the engines. it slowly faded to nothing as you get higher into space. Is that correct or is that also a bug? http://imgur.com/5msoGw7
  2. Thx for the info. Yes, will have to wait for the update. I think I read somewhere yesterday that DECQ had a baby recently so any spare time he gets will be for some much needed rest. This mod will be well worth the wait though. I'm not a coder. I've played around in the cfg files with some success changing and fixing various things. Will give it a shot and let you know if I get come up with anything.
  3. Firs,t I have to say this will become my absolute favorite mod of all time. I have taken a big hiatus from KSP and am now back. I have a problem though with the thrust of the OMS pods being offset to the left. Has anyone seen this problem before and how to fix it? BTW, I have not changed anything. This is the craft file that came with the SSS mod. Thank you
  4. Thank you Nittany Tiger and Artemisrain for your help on the colors. I have fixed all of mine and now everything is back to normal. I was able to find everything. I did almost miss a couple in the Misc folder. the SwitchPanelsShort at the bottom has a couple colors off to the far right and you have to scroll to find them. Also the parachute is in the Misc folder as well. In the SmallLabelPlate. Thanks again guys for your help on this!