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  1. I'll miss you @HarvesteR, You've been a great backbone of this game and developer. I'd love this game ever since 0.19.8, and keep on loving it due to the excitement you guys put in it. I wish you the best. Have fun in your future endeavours.
  2. Hey guys. I'm leaving KSP Forums and Other Games. I decided to post this. I'm leaving June 1st, 2016. I wanted to say goodbye and i'll miss you all. This is NOT a joke thread. I wish you all guys Good Luck in KSP Community, This means that i won't be posting anymore nor activity. Ill miss you all guys again, this is a awesome community, never forget it! I've started at 0.19.8 (I think) and has watched this KSP Community grow and thrive, the game has grown to 1.0.2, it has been a momentous occassion for me. Thank's for all the memories. P.S Mods/Admins, If you feel this thread is in the wrong place, you can kindly move it! P.P.S If you wish to say goodbye, you can do so here.
  3. Hey Creator of this mod, as of this you making this, KerbalStuff has shutdown.. You can upload this mod to spacedock which is spacedock.info! Thanks..
  4. Hello Badie! Welcome :)!

  5. Link,thanks for the message. The python issue wasn't a matter,I have solved it using a service called Hamachi,it connects to the client perfectly. thanks for the help :)

  6. Requesting Lock,No one seems to be replying so,i guess to close it.
  7. Hello Kspers,Im wondering if anyones related to the code python, I downloaded this server folder from a source of a youtube channel and I'm trying to get it running to the public,Ive used some help from a source,but the OTPClientRespitory Refuses to connect to the public IP, Ive checked to see if the port is opening but its not,it keeps losing connection,and I've tried canyouseeme.org and it says connection refused,so If anyone could help that'll be greatly appreciated,I would gladly List screenshots and such,if requested. thank you!
  8. Granted. you don't 42 mb,but instead go to 1gb and your computer implodes. I wish that i would have the ability to insta-teleport places.
  9. Granted. you get a flying whale that suddenly falls on your body. I wish that i had butterbeer.
  10. Granted,A moose falls on your head. I wish i was A aperture science smart panel.
  11. granted. space flight is cheaper,but the engines fail alot,crashing every single launch down into the earth. and the earth explodes. I wish i was doctor who.
  12. Granted. You get 1.0 everything it needs to be, but squad shuts down since they ran out of money to pay for all the staff. due to overtime. I wish for a airplane that can go fast.
  13. Granted. he stoles your sig without giving credit. I wish that everyone in the entire world.. had bread.
  14. Granted. you never have that giant cellphone. instead, you get a giant pig about to crush your house. I wish that i could have a giant pot of gold.
  15. Granted. but due to the increased vision,your eyes pop out. i wish for to get in hogwarts
  16. granted. you are now jeb kerman now dying in reentry on kerbin. I wish that solar panels were everywhere.
  17. Granted. you get a new solar panel,but it costs a ton more in the VAB. I wish i had a spaceship so fast it can speed up time.
  18. granted. the webpage is 404 now,but suddenly the entire internet got deleted. I wish i had a four leaf clover.
  19. granted. they fly straight to you. I wish that the sun will not die.
  20. uh,I remember someone gave me the craft files for the ships in the OP,but now i deleted them due to the same issue like above,could someone please pm me them? thanks!
  21. granted. your the god of a alien race,of cows. i wish to have a pocket of the universe.
  22. Granted. you wish for a wish,but the wish rules deny it. I wish i could walk the moon with a spacesuit.
  23. Granted. you get a crate full of man-eating butterflys I wish to go back in time and save the famous people who pasted away,such as robin williams columbia crew,etc
  24. granted. a giant snowball comes crashing through. i wish to be in jurassic world.
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