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  1. Granted. but the fish comes alive and slaps you with its tail.. I wish for i could Make a new sun so we wont die...
  2. Granted. Hello! I wish that I could teleport to a theme park,undetected.
  3. Granted. The ice staff makes you the ice king,but suddenly it spews ice at you,making you frozen in ice. I wish that i had infinite french toast.
  4. i HAVE REPED GIC,DIE YOU FOOL! but,im casually sitting in my hype train at 10000000000000000 M/s.
  5. Granted. GIC dies,along with RIC,you monster. I wish i could go back in time before we all used coal,and developed a alternate energy source,so pollution/global warming stopped.
  6. granted. you get a rock of writers in it. I wish for a train that can go invisible.
  7. granted. you throw the money of your entire live savings and you go bankrupt. I wish that I could get a hoverboard soon.
  8. Granted,you get a fork.. because im out of spoons I wish that i could have a time train that goes backwards!
  9. Granted,You are the evil corp leader,But suddenly the BBB comes in and shuts you down. due to the evilness I wish for A Train that can go 100000000000 M/s And has a Shield over me so i cant get caught in space/time.
  10. Granted,you get HUGE muscles but they fall back on you,causing the metal to fall on you. I wish that i could timewarp.
  11. Granted,but it switchs and you get a fork. I wish for a burner to cook my marshmallows
  12. Congrats buddy! I say this a million times! you are awesome
  13. Granted. But the time machine sends you to 1885.. Since you got struck by lightning! I wish that I could have a hoverboard or a self tying sneakers
  14. Yup,I can report that,google chrome is doing this too,as in the picture above,But it now reports as a 504 gateway time-out.. EDIT:Im trying to get the latest release of Fizzanks fasa still down,No report mirror at this time from him,Also in the emails i keep getting a No-Name for updates... very weird. also in b9 aerospace a while ago,it said that a no-name updated kerbalstuff for R5... its very weird. EDIT 2:Tried using isitdownrightnow.com used kerbalstuff.com saying its down for everyone..
  15. Suggestion:On the Apollo Saturn V,on the crew clamp,i think it should be extendable,and retractable,instead of you decoupling it and you cant extend it back,because I know your busy,but i think IRL,they did that in case of a emergency or a launch abort. EDIT:If you cant do it... ITS ok
  16. Basically,I Cleaned my other mods in there,put in all the dependencies,put in the ships,In SPH but KSP detected them as Unknown for size.. IM using the required 0.90 too. in MacOSX
  17. Granted. this Cup gives you free time ONCE when you drink it,so you drink it and you get free time For an hour in deep space.. I wish that i could go to universal orlando..
  18. Granted. A repairman fixes your computer.. And then It blows up,so he then gives you the bill you have to pay 1 bajillion dollars. I wish that the whole world dances at the exact second.
  19. Thank you all for modding this game,Its been a Great/awesome experience.. I would like to thank the creators of FASA,Kerbin shuttle orbiter systems,Launchcountdown,Mechjeb,Hyperedit,B9 Aerospace,Skylon,kerbinside,Firespitter,Novapunch2,Laztek Pack,Kerbquake,Collision FX,chaka monkey,Jack O Lantern,And Adjustable Landing gear,you guys are all awesome! And several devs that i forgot the names that are making The Orion SLS system..
  20. granted. doc brown steals you and puts you back when the movie was released,and then after you seen it doc brown leaves you... so then your trapped in that date when it was released.. I wish that I transform into rudolph..
  21. granted. Suddenly A doctor comes And cuts you in half,takes the tofu burger Out of your stomach,and then Removes your tongue,and puts better tastes buds in,then puts you back together.. Note: this is Meant for a joke if anyone is reading this... and should NOT be taken seriously Nor should you believe this stuff... I wish that santa claus could come right now tonight..
  22. Granted. But theres no wish,that you want me to grant,so theres no corruption! and suddenly,the corrupt god smashs a hammer on your head.. I wish that i could have a portable vending machine,with no coin slot and no money,so i just press a button and itll give me the snack..
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